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  • Meeting Minutes for Asha Chennai on 20 th January, 2019


Minutes of the Meeting held on Sunday, 20 th January at Ragasudha Hall Luz Avenue, Chennai 600004

Members present: Mr. Rajaram, Mr. Anant, Mr. Venkat, Mr. Sundaram, Mr. Venkatraman, Ms. Saraswathi, Ms. Kasturi, Ms. Jayashree, Mr. Bhaskar, Mr. Arun, Ms. Bhuvaneswari

* Decisions are highlighted in blue.

The following is the minutes of the meeting held on 20.1.2019 held at Asha Office, Mylapore between 9.30 am and 1.30 p.m.

1. Written Assessment- Written assessments would be conducted in February for all the schools in Sangamam, Poorna Vidhya, Thulasi and Pearl projects. The written assessment papers will be reviewed and corrected by end January 2019 for both Math and English.

2. Updates- a. The term III training in Computer, Math and English were conducted and received well. 

                    b. Under the project 'Poorna Vidya' three more schools were added, three more teachers recruited and one teacher was replaced.

                    c. Trial and Negotiation for getting 'Karadi path' into working with Asha is being carried out.

                    d. It was decided that there is need to add one more computer support staff so that some of the work for Muthu can be offloaded. New staff can be paid from Poorna Vidhya, Thulasi and Pearl.

3. Internal complaints committee for handling staff complaints- A proposal for setting up Internal Complaints Committee was initiated. Discussion about the number of members, capacity and external members who would be competent and willing to participate was discussed. Mr. Venkatraman volunteered to get legal details for initiating and setting up the same.

4. Loan applications- Applications for loan for various purposes were deliberated. The following were the decisions taken:

                    a. Nishanthi - Rs. 50,000/- for marriage related expenses. It was rejected unanimously.

                    b. Seetha - Rs. 100,000/- for house repair. Rs. 50,000/- granted.

                    c. Madhumitha - Rs. 20,000/- for education (B.Ed) - Rejected unanimously based on genuity of the course.

                    d. Nirmala - Rs. 30,000/- for purchase of scooter to be put to use for commuting between various remote schools. Loan granted.

                    e. Loans for smartphones - Rs. 6000/- one time loan. Phone usage for official purposes and ease of transaction of communication and learning - spoken English sessions lasting one hour every week. The following options were

Option A. Loan only for teachers who have completed 2 yrs.

Option B. All teachers.

Option C. Not to those who have already availed loan.


           Option B was approved by 10 of 11 people. One person voted against giving loans.

There was a further vote on whether we should make it mandatory for the teachers to have a smartphone. Nine voted for not making it mandatory. One voted for making it mandatory and one abstained.

There were questions and suggestions about the loan policy. The concerned volunteers were requested to bring this up in the subsequent meeting. Rajaram to distribute the current staff policy to all volunteers.

5. Sugadharam proposals to Glovis and Trimble

Rajaram presented both these proposals. Due to the urgency, the proposals have already been submitted to the donor companies and in both these cases, they have also been approved by the donor companies. Therefore it was a formality to get the Asha Chennai approval. The Sugadharam proposal to Glovis was to construct new toilets at Ramanjeri and Pudhukandigai and to repair toilets at 15 other schools in Thiruvallur Dist. The total cost of the project is Rs 14.2 Lakhs. The Sugadharam-Glovis proposal was approved unanimously.

The Sugadharam proposal to Trimble covered schools outside of Thiruvallur. These included new toilets at Nandhivaram (Poorna Vidhya), Kaatu Sithamboor (Thulasi) and Chidambarampatti (Pearl) and also repair work at 3 schools of project Pearl. The proposal is for a total of Rs 12.8 Lakhs. The Sugadharam-Trimble proposal was also unanimously approved.

In the proposal to Glovis, the first phase of funds are to be released to five schools- two new toilet constructions and repair work to be conducted in three. The said work will be completed by May 2019. Rupees 10 lakhs realeased for the same.

In the second phase of fund release, twelve schools will be covered at the cost of Rupees 3.7 lakhs.The work will be completed by late 2019.

We are still talking to Trimble to define how we would take up the toilet constructions and repair work for their supported proposal.

6. Leave tracking and attendance system - The project stewards have been tracking the leave taken till date. Effort is in progress to automate leave reporting and marking attendance. The issues with the leave and attendance discussed were that currently one day per month leave is being sanctioned. Computer teachers attend multiple schools in a given week. There is a need to track them. Only regular teachers sign attendance register in the schools. Mr. Muthu is currently developing a system for leave reporting and attendance which will be deployed over the next two months. Project stewards will be able to see and correct the leave taken by their project teachers. The salary processing will be carried out automatically based on the leave taken details.

7. Sangamam Kanini changes - The proposal at the beginning of the year was  for 5.7 lakhs with most of that budget for one software engineer (5.2 Lakhs). Since a engineer has not been hired for the project this has been reduced to 1.6 lakhs for the period till May. Two software interns have been inducted. Their salary (just expense reimbursement of Rs 2500 per person per month) for five months - Rs. 25,000/-, web hosting charges - 3,500/- per month, software purchase charges - Rs. 25,000/-. A total of 3.86 lakhs was approved unanimously for the modified Sangamam Kanini proposal.

8. Proposal from Asha- Rajatalab, U.P - The possibility of working with U.p, Assam was discussed. Asha Rajatalab is looking at starting a project similar to how we support schools with computer teachers. The are planning to start this at a middle school at Harsos with about 600 students for the rest of this academic year and expand it to cover more schools the next academic year.

The original Sangamam Kanini budget of Rs 5.7 Lakhs will still have money remaining within it to support Harsos school till May 2019 from standards 4 to 8. 

A revised reduced budget of Rs. 90,000/- for this to be added to the Sangamam Kanini budget was approved unanimously.

9. ARC proposal for first half 2019 - The following points were discussed:

a. Investment policy for AFE funds in money market, equity and bonds were discussed.

b. security donations to be liquidated in three months.

c. NOTA in ARC discussed.

10. Asha Trust Registration is in progress.

11. Asha India Conference - The conference is scheduled to take place on 9th and 10th of February 2019 in Mumbai. Mr. Rajaram, Mr. Bhaskar and Mr. Ananth to attend the same.

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