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  • Meeting Minutes for Asha Chennai on 20th August 2017


Volunteers Present: Mr Rajaraman Krishnan, Mr. R. Sundaram, Ms Kasturi Easwaran, Ms Jayshree Arun, Mr Bhaskar, Ms Saraswathy.

*Decisions and action items are in blue.


1.Budget Approval for UQE Tirunelveli  Schools



It was recalled that the  project could not be taken up for detailed item wise figures during the meeting on 9th July 2017. However, in view of the difficulties in continuing with the project without having a nominated steward in the absence of Mr Ananath it was decided that the funding this project would be limited to end of December 2017 and the money sent directly to Navajeevan Trust.



Rajaram and Sundaram had met with Mr. Nalan of Navajeevan Trust and put together the proposal. Which was also submitted by Mr Ananth on 19th August by Email and tabulated by Rajaraman. This was taken up for item wise review.


The Final sanctioned budget is shown below.


Sl. No.

Programme Planning


Amount Sanctioned


Teacher Salary - 20 Nos.

Only 10 teachers total.



Sports Teacher Salary - 2 Nos.

Not Included



Salary & Travel Allowance for Programme Coordinator

Rs 9000 per month.



Travel for Director

Flat sum till Dec



Capactiy Building Training to Teachers

Flat sum for both schools



Capactiy Building Training to PTA Members and school committee

Not approved



Carrier Guidance Training to the children

Not included



Rapport Building Campaign - cover 18 villages in 3 full days

Not included



Winter Camp for the Children (Selected 50 children with 2 days duration)

Flat sum for this and/or sports meet



Conduting exhibition related to child abuse, corporal punishment, child trafficking, importance of education

Not included



Audit Expenses for the project




Stationery Expenses

Flat sum for both schools. For school/children and not for Admin needs.



Staff Review meeting

Combined with teacher training.



Project Advisory Committee Meeting 4 Meetings

Not included



Conducting Competition on importance of education, Essay writing  drawing, debate for higher  std. students

Flat sum for both schools for this and/or sports meet.



Sports Materials (Skipping, volley ball, chess board, carrom board, throw ball, ring ball)

Should include prizes.



Maintenance Expense of computers etc.,

Increased from the requested amount.



Conducting Sports Meet

Combined with essay/other competitions.



Supplying Audio, Visual Aids

Not included. Will provide Asha Kanini contents.








Not approved









The above budget was approved unanimously. Rs 6.61 Lakhs minus the amount already spent will be sent to Navajeevan Trust as soon as possible.




2.Loan to Durga Asha Sangam Kanini Teacher for purchase of Scooter




It was recalled that purchase of two scooters at a cost of Rs 65,000 each for the use of teachers who have to go from school to school had already been provided for in the project Sangamam Kanini budget. Now, however, one of the teachers Durga has made a request for a loan of Rs 30000 to purchase a scooter for the same purpose. This request, if acceded, has the advantage of not incurring an expenditure for a moveable asset and yet fulfilling the demand for infrastructure for Sangamam Kanini teachers to commute. With this loan of Rs 30000 and the loans already given , the total loan sanctioned will be well within  the cap of Rs 2,00,000 set by the core group.




The loan was approved unanimously. Rajaraman will be the guarantor.




3. Computer Education For Middle School




While  the contents of  Computer Education  for primary and early middle schools was known, it still remains to be explored as to what skills should be taught at Middle School Level once they are familiar with the use of Open Office. Rajaram explained that we will be introducing programming this year using tools like Blockly and Scratch. We may also try to teach them to program as robot like OSOBOT. There is also a plan to introduce Virtual Reality contents using VR Headsets and also teach the children to create VR contents. This idea is still not developed and we will keep this in mind as we move along.




4. Education Curriculum Conference Organized By TN Govt.



Rajaraman gave a brief on  his participation along with Prof Dr Kamakoti IIT M in the TN Govt. Conference on Development of Curriculum.



5. Meeting ended with an interesting  presentation by Rohan from the UK who had studied various aspects of life and education of Migrant Children  near Beijing China and Kannagi Nagar Chennai. Chinese children on the whole seemed to enjoy the schools, since music, painting , paper cutting etc were a part of the seriously pursued subjects. It was noted by all that such comparative studies will help in shaping our ideas in the field of education.

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