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  • Meeting Minutes for Asha Chennai on 20th January, 2018


Minutes of the meeting ASHA Core Group on 20 January 2018 at Asha office, Luz Church Road Mylapore Chennai  600004 at 1400 Hours.


The Following were present

Ananth, Bhaskar, Geetha, Kalyana Sundaram, Kasturi,Lokesh, Paripoornam, Rajaram,  Saraswathi, Sundaram (Mylapore),  Vijaya Sundaram

Agenda points as circulated vide email dated 18 January by was taken up for discussion.


 1.Approval of Oct 2017 meeting minutes. Ananth drew the attention among many items in the minutes, item  relating to funding of UQE Project Tirunelveli for the entire academic year 2017-18 and pointed out that it was contrary to his understanding.. Rajaram explained the background of decision and voting for funding in July ’17 Meeting, for funding  till December 2017 as reproduced below.


After some discussions about the project, our finances and our bandwidth to engage with the project, the volunteers voted on the above options. Four volunteers voted for option 1 and 6 volunteers voted for option 2. Out of those 6, 3 volunteers voted to fund the project till December 2017 and 3 volunteers voted to continue the project till May 2018. Since option 2 got selected, the 4 who voted for option 1 were given the option to choose funding the project till Dec 2017 or May 2018 and all of them chose to fund it till Dec 2017


After considerable discussion it was decided to revisit the issue later as UQE Project was also separately included as a main agenda  item in this meeting


Transport Reimbursement It was decided to raise the cap on monthly reimbursement for transport expenses of Asha teachers from Rs 1200 to Rs 2000. Already five or six teachers are crossing the cap and with the increase in bus fare by TN Government  with effect from 20th Instant itself, this increase was justified. This decision was taken with everyone voting in favour of it.


Asha India conference 2018 Rajaram explained the arrangements needed to host the conference in Chennai under the aegis of Asha Chennai already scheduled from  Saturday ,February 10 to  Monday February 12 at IIT Madras. It was stated that accommodation had been arranged in IIT M hostel and about 60 people could be expected from all over India. More details are yet to be worked out. However on the basis of projections made for Board and Lodge and transport a sum of   Rs 75,000 was sanctioned for hosting the conference.


Stewards in charge of Projects in Chennai could suggest ideas for showcasing site visits for a team of visiting delegates. Possibility of taking some of the delegates to rural schools would also be considered and finalized. The third day of the conference was reserved for such site visit/ sight seeing  activities. Detailed day wise activities were being worked out..


4. UQE Thirunelvelli project status. Continuing the discussion as set out earlier in these minutes it was felt that in case UQE Project was required to be funded beyond December 2017, as desired by Ananth, a proposal could  be submitted by him. This could be taken up for discussion and voting in the next meeting in February 2018.


5. Some administrative points which caused  friction among volunteers with coordinating team  were aired. There was a general hope that over time , in a spirit of accommodation, some,  if not all grievances,  real and imaginary would abate.


Rest of the Points For want of time, the rest of the agenda points were carried over.

Online Poll for Coordination Team Election


Nominations were called for the coordination team roles on 29th Jan. However only new nomination received was for Venkat as coordinator and Rajaram as treasurer. Even the nominators preferred the continuation of the current team.


So we conducted a poll from Feb 5th to 12th to endorse the current coordination team continuing in their roles for another term of 2 years. 10 volunteers voted in this poll - Radha, Bhaskar, Siddharth, Venkat, R. Sundaram, Lokesh, Paripooranam, Kasturi, Jayashree Arun, and Rajaram. All the volunteers endorsed the continuation of the current coordination team. The current coordination team will continue till the end of 2019.

Online Polls from Feb 17th to 23rd


Online poll was setup for the following decisions.


1. New Library building for Annanagar.


Annanagar is a very poor Irula hamlet in the Ellapuram Block of Thiruvallur dist. Sangamam proposal for 2017-18, planned for the setting up of a library and evening centre for children at this village. However no suitable building was found for the library. Hyundai Glovis came forward to construct a library building here in the school ground. The school had also come forward to give us the land for this building. 


The total cost of the building is Rs 7.9 Lakhs including GST. The rest of the costs of setting up and running the library is already covered in the Glovis Sangamam proposal. See the attached proposal for details.


This is a one time project and we will take up this work only if money for this comes from Hyundai Glovis. I am putting this up for poll as it is urgent and I need to submit it to Glovis.


This was approved unanimously by all 11 volunteers who voted in the poll.


2. Changes to our admin policy.


The following two changes are to be made to the admin policy that was approved in our Oct 2017 meeting.

      • New volunteers in addition to attending two meetings should also be approved by simple majority by the current set of volunteers.

      • Administrative decisions will be decided on online poll primarily since it doesnt make sense for new volunteers who have just come into a meeting to participate in these. We already have the provision for doing this. I have just formally stated this in the policy document.


This was approved by 9 volunteers voting for it, 1 volunteer voting against it and one abstaining.

The clause for approving new volunteers by existing volunteers was removed since then based on advice from Asha for Education BoD.

3. Bonuses for Moorthy, Malliga, Muthu and Dharmi Chand.


All the four of them really worked day and night to make the Asha India Conference a success. We propose to give them the following bonuses.


Moorthy and Malliga: Rs 2500 each.

Muthu and Dharmi Chand: Rs 1500 each.


The total cost to Asha will be Rs 8000.

This was approved by 9 volunteers voting for it, 1 volunteer voting against it and one abstaining.

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