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  • Meeting Minutes for Asha Chennai on 21st April, 2019


Minutes of the Meeting held on Sunday, 21st April, 2019 at Ragasudha Hall Luz Avenue, Chennai 600004

Following volunteers were present





Rajaraman Krishnan ( Co-ordinator)



Sundaram R

Usha Ananthan

Venkataraman M

Venkat Natraj

* Decisions are highlighted in blue.

1.Financial Report for 2018-19

The annual Financial Report of 2018-19 (work in progress) was presented by Rajaraman. It was explained that the share of funding to come from ISP( Innovative Scalable Project) and from Asha for Education (general funds) have not been included. Asha Chennai has a balance of about Rs 1.25 Crores. This would be adequate if Glovis Sangamam, Trimble Thulasi and Trimble Poorna Vidhya continue to get funding from the respective companies.

2. Asha Impressions Plan

This competition event is scheduled to be held on 25th April. Arrangements for appointing judges and chief Guest for the final day were broadly discussed and volunteers were requested to help. There will also be computer training held on 24th and 26th.

3. RightStart

Right Start activities for Asha Teachers  have been planned for 27th to 31st May 2019. However due to acute water shortage arrangements for stay of teachers may have to be made elsewhere than IIT Hostels. Last years actual expenses of about Rs 1.6 Lakhs was increased to a tentative budget of Rs 200000 this year mainly due to increased accomodation costs. Unanimous approval  for spending the same was accorded. Rubini of Glovis would be requested to hold one session on general topics on the last day.  Paripoornam was requested to see the possibility of scheduling a lecture by Poornima on that day.  

4.Asha UP Volunteers visit Rajatalab Computer Teaching

Three volunteers from Asha UP will be visiting Chennai from April 22nd to 27th. The main reason for their visit is to attend the computer training and Asha Impressions at Thiruvallur from 24th to 26th. Rajaram invited other volunteers to also interact with them.

The budget proposal for computer teacher at government schools near Rajatalab was discussed. in respect of the above was approved. Budget for travel for Asha Chennai to Rajatalab was increased Rs 40,000 for two visits including air travel for Asha Chennai volunteer travelling. Total budget of Rs 8.8 Lakhs was unanimously approved for fund raising. It was noted that by Asha Chennai  associating with Rajatalab computer project will have a demonstrator effect in respect of Apps developed Asha Chennai in proving that  it can be scaled and spread to regions where the language is different and pedagogical tools adopted also may vary. Funding this year to the extent of Rs 1,00,000 was allocated for this project from Asha Chennai buffer funds. This was also approved unanimously.

5. Administrative Expenses of plan and apportioning the salaries of Malliga and Moorthy.

It was explained that every effort is made to keep the administrative expenses to the inescapable minimum and volunteers were encouraged to make their donations if any towards this expenditure. Nature of work of Malliga and Moorthy has undergone change since hiring of one workstation in the office premises and the couple moving to Guduvanchery. As it is, Malliga’s contribution to SAC  is invaluable but the demand for work is limited to three occasions in a year. Moorthy could also work from home partly if given a laptop. Sriram agreed to utilise the services of Malliga for Project Poorna Vidya for Guduvanchery based expansion .Project SAC and Poorna Vidya should consider inclusion of hiring of one workstation at the Office.

The following decisions were made in this regard.

    1. Malliga’s salary will be increased to Rs 12,800 per month. This will be shared as Glovis Sangamam -- 4300, Scholarship -- 4300 and Poorna Vidhya -- 4200.

    2. Moorthy’s salary will be increased to Rs 17,200 per month. This will continue to be shared as 50% from Sangamam and 50% from Admin.

    3. Poorna Vidhya and Scholarship projects will together pay for one workstation at our office. I.e. Rs 2000 per month will be the allocation for each project.

These were approved unanimously.

6. Teachers Salary for 2019-20

The following two options for teacher salary increases were discussed.

Option A - Same as present. Base salary increase of Rs 600 and a discretionary increase depending on performance of zero to Rs 600.

Option B -- Base salary increase of Rs 600 and a discretionary increase depending on performance of zero to 8% of their salary (not including conveyance).

Option B was selected by a vote of 7 to 3.

7. Glovis Sangamam expenses for 2018-19 were noted and projected expenditure for April May was approved unanimously. The  following items of expenditure with any excess amount remaining were approved.

a) Asha Impressions Rs 75000

b) Painting at Allikuzhi Rs 40,000

c) Painting at Placepalayam Rs40,000

d) Library Set up at 10  Schools Rs 350000

e) Slide and Jungle Gym at 3 Schools Rs 120000

f) Desk Tops (assembled) 10 nos Rs 100000

g) Kitchen Shed 4 schools Rs 100000

The budget for 2019-20 was presented. The following changes were specifically mentioned.

a) It was proposed to cover 61 schools from the present 60 under this project.

b) Retain Srinivasan’s salary at the same level of Rs 24,000 per month and increase Muthu’s salary to Rs. 23,000 per month.

c) Minor increase in computer repair costs, teacher training expenses, 4 laptops (instead of 3),

d) Minor decrease in data plan costs, allocation for hardware/software and contents, transport of children and librarian salary.

A total budget of Rs 1.086 Crores with the above changes was approved unanimously.

8. Scholarship parameters for 2019-20

Subject to principles and guidelines already issued it was decided unanimously  to continue with the cap of 110 as was done last year.

The Scholarship amounts were proposed to be revised as follows,

Classes 1 to 10 -- Rs 12000 to Rs 15000.

Classes 11 and 12 -- Rs 17000 to Rs 20000.

Polytechnic and College -- Rs 20,000 to Rs 25000 respectively by a vote of six against five of the members present and the proposer Kasturi.

Four members voted to continue with the same amounts as last year and six members voted to increase it.


9. Proposals for Thulasi Project were reviewed. We did not vote on the whole budget but only discussed specific line items and unanimously approved the following changes.

a) Removal of regular teachers at Kaniyampoondi and Kamagaram and appointment  a new Kindergarten teacher at Kanniyampoondi and if required at Kamagaram.

b) Conversion of Gnanasoundari to a Computer teacher for Melmalaiyanur and another nearby school (Kodunguppam?). A new regular teacher for Melmalaiyanur.

c) Appointment of a new regular teacher for Gangavaram and Kolathur.

d) Appointment of one more computer teacher to cover all existing schools and the new schools.

d) Reduction of  annual day expenses to Rs. 4,000 for small schools and Rs. 10,000 for large schools.

e) Provision of laptops for new teachers and two additional laptops for the Seeyapoondi library / tution centre and Admin use.

f) Continuation of library at  Kaattu Sithamur and starting a new library.

g) Increasing  Prabhu’s (coordinator) salary to Rs. 11,000 for full time for Asha.

10 Proposals for Poorna VIdya was discussed but approval for the whole budget will be online. Following line items were discussed and approved unanimously.

a) Proposal  to expand to 2 more schools with one computer teacher and one regular teacher.

b) Malliga to be designated as a part-time coordinator for the project and ⅓ of her salary to be included in this project.

c) Rs 2000 per month towards shared workstation cost at office to be added to the budget.

11. Loan Requests

For paucity of time it was decided to defer consideration to the next meeting. It was noted that the current outstandings unrepaid loans stands at about Rs 6 lakhs.

12. Other updates

Rajaram updated the team about his participation in the Asha 28 conference, completion of grading and reports for the written assessments, start of the data analytics internship, some new funding opportunity, status of discussions with Trimble etc.

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