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  • Meeting Minutes for Asha Chennai on 25th November, 2018


Monthly meeting held at Asha office Mylapore on 28th October 2018

Time: 9: 30 AM, 25th Nov’ 18

Attendees: Rajaram, Ramakrishnan, Venkataraman, Arun, Lokesh, Saraswathi, Usha Ananthan, Bhaskar, Sundaram, Sriram, Kasturi, Bhuvaneswari, Venkat, Ananth.

Decisions are marked in blue.

     1. Meeting was kicked off with a round of introductions by all present

     2. Kasturi gave an update on Project Poorna Vidhya

     3. Sriram briefed the group about the visit to the schools in and around Guduvanchery. Rajaram, Kasturi & Ramakrishnan gave their views on these schools as well.

 Recommendation to support three additional schools (PUPS Nandhivaram, PUMS Guduvancheri and PUMS Orathoor) with three additional teachers (one normal teacher & two computer teacher) was approved unanimously.

This will also provide Computer teacher support for the existing school at Nandivaram

    4. Rajaram briefed the group that the FY 17-18 audit for Asha Chennai and Asha India are completed.

    5. Rajaram and a few others briefed the new members about the functioning of Asha Chennai

        • There are about 15 volunteers & 70 staff. In addition there are 5 coordinators and one computer service Engineer.

        • The Volunteers group is the primary decision making body.

        • Fund Raising – roughly 1/3rd US and 2/3rd India

        • Currently Asha Chennai is not registered as a separate entity and hence we use Asha Varanasi for giving 80G exemption certificates etc. We are now trying to register Asha Chennai as a separate entity,

        • FY 18-19: expected revenue & expenses around Rs 2 Cr.

     6.  Updates on Projects

        • Asha Scholarships

          • Stewards – Kasturi & Venkataraman

          • Currently 110 students are being supported

          • Some of the criteria used for selecting students are – Family income < Rs. 1.5L/Annum, Single Parent family, Multiple Children etc.

          • Physical home visits carried out for verification

          • Scholarship of RS 12K/year or actuals, whichever is lower, for Standards 1 to 10, Rs 17K/year for standards 11 & 12 and Rs 20K/year for college students.

          • Sriram & Ramakrishnan volunteered to get involved with this group from the current cycle of scholarship disbursement

        • Manigal

          • Steward – Saraswathi

          • To promote education as a tool to change the marginal status of the gypsies

          • One project in Indira Nagar and one in Kottur

          • Saraswathi briefed the group on the enormous challenges faced in this community and how they were slowly overcoming them to make a difference

        • Government Schools

          • Schools supported

          • Chennai (Poorna Vidhya) – 6 to 9 schools

          • Tiruvalluvar (Sangamam) – 66 schools

          • Tuticorn (Pearl) – 6 schools

          • Tiruvanamalai/Senji (Thulasi) – 7 schools

          • Provide – Process, Material &Infrastructure

          • Training of teachers to move away from Rote learning to strengthening fundamentals

          • Yearly Assessments conducted across 85 schools and 6000 students and results shared with schools

          • Improve enrolment through – Joyful learning, excursions , uniforms etc.

        • Libraries

          • To serve a small village

          • Today we have libraries in

          • Nagalapuram & Suryaminikan (Pearl)

          • Seeyapoondi (Tulasi) - library plus tuition centre

          • Annanagar (Sangamam)

Other than Annanagar ,all the other libraraies are outside any school premises

      • Tech & Education

        • Education content Packages for learning

        • All teachers have a laptop

        • Content mapped to School lessons

        • Used in all our 85 schools

        • Computer Science teaching

        • Good Curriculum different from others

        • Scratch and Blockly programming.

        • Better than Private schools

        • Asha Impressions competition held every year

7. Meeting wound up with a request for all new volunteers to get involved in the various projects.

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