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  • Meeting Minutes for Asha Chennai on 26th May, 2019



Attendees: Ramakrishnan, Bhaskar, Venkat, Rajaram, Usha Bhaskar, Venkatraman, Kasturi, Arun.

* Decisions are highlighted in blue.

  1.       Right Start - Proposal was presented. The full budges of Rs.2,30,700/- was approved and funding was also sanctioned for the full amount from our buffers.

  2. Project Sangamam Asha. Venkat explained the need for having a higher buffer amount for Project Sangamam as it is acting as the buffer for a much bigger project Glovis Sangamam. The total project budget for Rs.11,11,200/- was approved unanimously.

    In this year the teachers were taken on an Excursion at a cost of about Rs 80,000. Glovis covered only Rs 25,000 of this. Teachers were sent for training for a training at Auroville. 10 teachers from Sangamam went for this. This costed Asha Rs 55,000. The remaining excursion amount of approx Rs.55,000/- and teachers training cost of approx. Rs.55,000/- were approved unanimously.

  3.        Project Manigal (Indira Nagar) – Mrs. Usha Bhaskar presented the proposal for a total of Rs.6,03,000/- The proposal was approved with the following two caveats.
  • S.No.2,9,11 of the list to be clarified by the stewards for approval.
  • Teacher salary discretionary increments to be limited to 4% of the total salary.

    Project Manigal(Kottur) proposal was also presented for a total Rs.6,19,000/-.
    This was once again approved with the following caveant.

  • S.No.2,3,5 & 7 of the list to be clarified by the stewards for approval.
  • Teacher salary discretionary increments to be limited to 4% of the total salary.

4.      Project Pearl – Bhaskar presented the proposal. The budget for the project of Rs.24,48,850/- was unanimously approved.

5.       Project Thulasi – Excursion was organised for the teachers of Thulasi as well. While the budget earlier approved was Rs 25,000. It incurred an additional expense of Rs 5000. The additional excursion expenses was unanimously approved for Rs.5,000/-

6.ASHA Chennai decided to reward teachers for their LONG SERVICES :


  • For 5 years and below Trophy maximum amount Rs.500/- per person.

  • 10 years Trophy plus Rs.10,000/-

  • 15 years -- Trophy

  • 20 years – Trophy plus Rs.10,000/-

  • No leave addition

The rewards goes to :


  1. M. Srinivasan (15 years) – Since there wasn’t any award when he completed 10years, we will also give him the Rs 10,000.

  2. Deivanayagi S – 10 years.

  3. Santha Sophya J – 5 years.

  4. Janova P – 5 years

  5. Tamilselvi R – 5 years

  6. Sakila V – 5 years

  7. Sailaja – 5 years.


  1. Gnanasoundari R – 5 years.


  1. Maheswari – 10 years.

  2. Umamageswari – 5 years.


  1. Malliga – 10 years.

These policies and awards for these staff was unanimously approved.

7. For the maternity leave consideration of Uma Maheswari of project Manigal, we had to decide on her monthly salary without conveyance to be used for the computation. 6 members voted Rs.9000/- p.m.for 3 months and 3 voted for Rs.10,000 p.m. for 3 months. Approved for Rs.9000/- as the salary per month for maternity benefit computation. Therefore she will receive a total maternity benefit of Rs 27,000.

8. Regarding loans the following general policies were reiterated.

  • Overall loan for staffs approved for up to 2% of the total expenses of Asha for previous financial year. Now this would amount to about Rs 8 Lakhs. Outstanding loans now is about Rs 6 Lakhs.

  • Loans will given on priority for purpose for emergency and ASHA needs.

  • One year’s salary is the maximum limit of loan.

We further unanimously decided to not give non-emergency non-Asha-need loans to teachers whose children are studying in private school.

Based on this criteria the loan request from the following staff was rejected – Geetha, Rajkumari, Santhasophya, and Dharani. Loan for Shankar was rejected as he has not been an employee for 1 year.

For the following staff, the loan was approved.

  • Anusuya – For an amount of Rs 30,000 for constructing toilet as home.

  • Gnanasoundari – Rs 50,000 for settling personal debts once she moves her child to a govt or govt aided school (as she has planned).

The remaining items were moved to the next meeting.

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