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  • Meeting Minutes for Asha Chennai on 26th October, 2018


Monthly meeting held at Asha office Mylapore on 28th October 2018

Attendees : Rajaraman, Ananth, Sriram, Venkat, Ramakrishnan, Bhaskar, Sundaram, Kasturi, Bhuvaneswari, Jayashree.

Decisions are marked in blue.

  1. The meeting started at 9.30 am with the Sangamam Kanini project and it was suggested to rename the same as Asha Kanini project.

    1. Senior Developer 1 no ( Fully loaded cost Rs 100K pm) = Rs 2400 K for 2 years.

    2. Junior developer 1 no ( Fully loaded cost Rs 50K pm) = Rs 1200K for 2 years

    3. Data Analyst 1 no ( Fully loaded cost Rs 50k pm) = Rs 1200K for 2 years.

    4. Systems Engineer 1 no ( Fully loaded cost Rs 50K pm) = Rs 1200K for 2 years.

    5. Travel and other training costs and admin costs (Rs 25K pm) = Rs 700K for 2 years.

         Total estimated for two years Rs 6,700K (Rupees Sixty Seven lacs only) Unanimously voted by all in Chennai chapter.

2. Second ARC for 2018.

Three options had to be voted on utilisation of General funds by the chapter the details are as below

    1. Please note that the Chapter unanimously voted to retain USD 100K per annum for scalable and Innovative projects. This is kind of like the R&D budget of an organisation. That there weren’t qualifying projects for this R&D should not be a reason to eliminate it. This wasn’t publicised as much in the last years as it has been this year. Asha Chennai is submitting a request this year under this head. We would have done this the last couple of years, it we were aware of this fund.

    2. The Chennai Chapter voted unanimously in favour of Option B and USD 25K for M. We did not have any other option to suggest.

    3. Roll back from chapters to GF should continue is the unanimous vote from Chennai chapter.

    4. Chapter shortfall for project funding – continue the current processwas voted unanimously by Chennai Chapter.

3. Loans for Teachers

It was unanimously decided to provide loans to the following Asha teachers as below for a period of 2 years.

    1. Tamil Selvi Rs 50,000.00 and

    2. Selvi Rs 50,000.00

     Loan request from teacher Ms. Sulochana was rejected. For both the above Mr Bhaskar, Venkat and Rajaraman will guarantee the loan for Asha.

4. Mr Murugan a part time coordinator with Asha is currently paid a sum of Rs. 5,500.00 per month. It was decided to increase his pay to Rs. 8,000.00 per month effective from October 2018 unanimously by volunteers of Chennai Chapter.

5. It was decided to appoint an Assistant Coordinator for Project Tulasi to report to and assist project steward Paripoornam Chandra, with a salary of upto Rs 7000.00 per month. This was voted unanimously by Chennai Chapter volunteers. For this the team will call for candidates to apply and suitable candidate will be selected. Ms Poornima, daughter of Ex Asha Volunteer has suggested a candidate and this is being pursued for closure.

6. To take forward to bring in new schools under Poorna Vidhya project a meeting of the volunteers is scheduled for 29th October 2018 at 4.30 pm. Mr Rajaraman requested the new volunteers to take on the role of co-stewards and run the projects Poorna Vidya along with the steward Mrs. Kasturi so that new schools could be brought into the scope of Poorna Vidya.

7.  Rajaram updated the team about recent happenings at Asha Chennai including the new library at Annanagar, Term II teacher training (at Chennai by Meena Suresh, Jayashree Arun and Asha teacher Kumari and at Kayathar by Asha teachers Radhika and Nathiya). Jayashree wanted to see brief of the English training conducted by Radhika at Kayathar.

8.  Asha Kanini App needs to be upgraded and this is scheduled to be done in the next 15 days. This will have changes in the content and software is upgraded and will be handed over as a DVD.

9.  It was decided to hold the Oral Assessments for the students starting from 8th November 2018 as 6th and 7th are Diwali holidays. This will commence in Thiruvalur and will be extended to pearl and Tulsi project by 15th November. Targeted to close by End November. New volunteers Sriram and Ramakrishnan to join the Oral Assessments. A meeting of the teachers before the commencement of this Oral assessments is scheduled for 2nd November 2018 at Thiruvalur.

10. The conference calls for Spoken English with the teachers and the Mentor is being worked upon for better communication. It was decided to appoint one of the teachers under each Mentor as a point of contact for coordinating this conference calls and ensure maximum participations

11. The Annual Asha India conference for 2019 is scheduled to be held in Mumbai on 8th and 9th February 2019. Details will follow closer to the conference dates.

12. Volunteers were requested to take on responsibilities from the Admin work to ease out Mr Rajaraman.

13. It was informed that our 2015-16 IT returns and accounts are for scrutiny.

The meeting ended at 1 pm.

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