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  • Meeting Minutes for Asha Chennai on 29th September, 2019


Attendees: Ramakrishnan, Bhaskar, Venkat, Rajaram, Sundaram, Kasturi, Paripooranam and Sriram.

1. Minutes of the meeting held on August 25, 2019 were ratified

2. The audit report for Asha Chennai for 2019-20 was sent to Varanasi after some delay from the auditors. If Varanasi are unable to file by end of Sept, there will be some penalty.

3. Asha South India Registration – New documents will have to be prepared for registration and the

process needs to start from the beginning.

4. Most checklists and US transfers from Asha Central to Asha Chennai have already been completed. Hariksha Trust and RightStart projects need approval.. There was a call with Asha

Central to verify the remainder of the projects.

5. Fundraising

Trimble – Trimble chose to fund Rs. 25.3 Lakhs for Thulasi but denied funding for Poorna

Vidhya. They wanted to commit funding for the project for a longer term, so we need to work

with them to get the commitment on paper. Funding for Project Sugadharam from Trimble is

approved but still waiting for the release of the funds.

Ford – Ramakrishnan organized the meeting with Ford and visited them along with Rajaram

and Venkat. They were open to exploring our projects, but wanted us to wait a while before

submitting them as they were busy with many other CSR activities. They were also willing to

donate some of their used computers to our schools and asked for a list which have been

provided to them for our projects in Thiruvallur, UP and others. We have requested a total of  193 computers.

Larsen & Toubro – Ramakrishnan organized the meeting with L&T and visited them along

with Rajaram and Venkat. L&T seem to have all of their CSR activities pretty much covered

and are not really looking to add new projects. The CSR team also seems to have less control

over the projects they can and cannot take. Their biggest activity is with America India


HCL – Sriram has approached HCL to organize a meeting and we hope to hear back soon.

CapGemini – Ramakrishnan has approached CapGemini to organize a meeting and we hope

to hear back soon.

6. Loans

Sailaja – Rs. 50,000/- unanimously approved

Madhumitha – Rs 30,000/- unanimously approved

Radha – Rs 1,00,000/- rejected as she has not completed 1 year of service.

7. Thulasi Office – CRC at NallanPillaiPetral is helping us with office space for now but we need the ability to store and have a central location for meetings.

    Expect the rent to be Rs. 2,000 per month. ​ Paripooranam has been authorized to go ahead and rent a place if the rent is less than Rs 2000. This was approved unanimously.

8. Pearl Office – Kayathar rents are high, so it is not being proposed now. We'll wait till the start of  the 2020-21 academic year, but it seems the need for an office is growing.

9. Asha Kanini Training on September 18​ th​ and 19​ th ​ at Thiruvallur. Went well and attended by  Rajatalab, Thulasi, Pearl and Poornavidya. Poornavidya had poor attendance and needs to be


10. Rajatalab – The project will be called Sangamam Rajatalab and it will be treated as an Asha Chennai project. 3 teachers, Ajay, Rohit and Gunjan attended the training.

They only teach computer science since the schools are large and none of the schools have their own computers.  They can only use the computer that they take with them.

After their training, we see improved enthusiasm. We have included them in our English Training program. Austin has approved funding a little over Rs. 4,00,000 for the project and Asha Chennai will keep Rs. 1,00,000 as a buffer.

11. RightStart – We had a negative balance of Rs. 1,85,000. It was proposed to allocate Rs. 2,00,000 from the buffers to make this positive balance. The proposal was for Rs. 2,30,000.​

           Buffer allocation and US transfer for Project RightStart of Rs. 2,00,000 is approved unanimously.

12. Hariksha Trust – Rs, 5,40,000 has already been approved. The approval is ratified once again  unanimously.

13. Term Training – September 24​ th​ , 25​ th​ and 26​ th​ at Olcott Memorial School. It was well attended by Glovis Sangamam, Thulasi, Poornavidya, Pearl, Manigal, and Olcott Teachers.

24​ th​ and 26​ th​ was math training done by Meena Suresh and Kalyani from Ramanujam Museum. As usual, the training was excellent. 25​ th​ was training by Kumari and Radhika to use

our new and improved Asha Kanini app. This was also treated as a test platform for the training project we expect to propose for all Government schools. As installing Asha Kanini from the web is new, there are still a few things in progress and are being addressed and a training module will need to be

developed, but it was a very useful meeting for the teachers.

14. Assessments – Will be the same for all government school supporting projects and is


15. Training – Stewards will have to take responsibility for organizing accommodations, security,

food, etc. for their teachers during training, and make sure they attend the training sessions


16. Math & English curriculum – Our math and english trainings are mature with the content we use

to teach children.

17. Computer Curriculum – This is still evolving. The tools we have picked seem to be the right ones

as there is more evidence of their usage from other trusted organizations. seems to

have an excellent curriculum, which we intend to model our curriculum on. They seem to start

programming at lower levels since it gives the children a headstart in terms of computational

thinking which enhances their other learning skills.

18. Olcott Training Cost – We are currently using Glovis funds for all of the term training. However,

since there are projects involved in the training, we need to start appropriating the cost

proportionally to the projects which would be the fair way to account for the training.

19. Asha Impressions – As the number of schools in areas other than Thiruvallur start increasing, we

might need to think about conducting Asha Impressions at those locations, since it might make it

easier for the children to attend.

With that we brought the meeting to a close.

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