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  • Meeting Minutes for Asha Chennai on 8th July, 2018


Minutes of ASHA Chennai Meeting held on 8 th July 2018 at Bhaskar’s residence in Venus Colony

Decisions are highlighted in blue.

Following were present

Rajaraman Krishnan, Bhaskar, Venkat Natraj, Saraswathi, Ananth Elayavalli, Lokesh, M Venkataraman, Paripoornam, Muthu.


1. Ratification of previous minutes

Minutes of meeting held in June 2018 was read out and were ratified by all volunteers.

2. Update on the financials and the account status

Rajaraman gave a brief update on funding. US$ 156,000 has been transferred from USA to India and about

US$ 64,000 is available in USA. While present financial position appears good, the future is uncertain. Accounts

for the financial year 2017-18 is likely to be completed in next two weeks.

3. Project Sangamam

Venkat explained the proposal for Project Sangamam in detail. Since funding for most of the work in Poondi and

Ellapuram blocks were covered by Hyundai Glovis, the scope of this proposal is significantly reduced. It includes

support for 5 schools that used to be supported by Hyundai Steel, one school in Thiruvalangadu block and two

additional schools that have not yet been identified. We are keeping a provision for 2 additional schools as Glovis

will not go beyond the 60 identified schools even in Poondi or Ellapuram blocks. Funding of Rs 860,000 for the

project for year 2018-19 was unanimously approved. Further allocation of funds from the buffer of 85% of this

amount (Rs 731,000) from the AfE US buffers was also approved.

4. Project Pearl

Bhaskar explained the additions to the Project Pearl proposal in detail. A new computer teacher is added to be

able to cover all the 4 schools plus two more schools that only get a computer teacher. Additional funding of 1.31

Lakhs that brings the total funding to Rs 15,35,850 was unanimously approved for this project and 85% funding of

the additional expense (i.e. Rs 111,350) also approved

5. Hariksha Project

As per our internally accepted guideline ASHA Chennai does not fund other trusts. Hariksha Trust, which is an

independent entity has been running a center to support handicapped children and they have been receiving

funds from ASHA USA. Due to various issues related to the Asha and the Government, they are unable to receive

funds and the trust is in deep debt. Bhaskar and Rajaraman proposed that ASHA Chennai can support them to

the extent of Rs 540,000 (about six months’ expenditure) as an exceptional case. Without any immediate financial

support this trust may have to close their operations which will adversely impact children who are benefitting from

it. Officials of the trust will make all efforts to restore their funding. Out of Rs 540,000 that has been requested

funds will be released to them on need basis and as soon as they receive alternate funding, ASHA Chennai will

stop disbursement. This is not a loan and hence ASHA Chennai does not expect Hariksha Trust to pay back

amount disbursed to them. Volunteers approved the proposal to pay upto Rs 540,000/ purely on humanitarian

grounds. It is clearly understood that it is a one off request and will not be construed as a precedent for any such

request from other Trusts in future.


6. Loan requests


  • Rs 1 lakh loan to Srinivasan for carrying out extensions to the Sangamam office at Kaivandur was

unanimously approved. Rent for this office will be adjusted against recovery of this loan and hence no

rent is payable till the loan is fully recovered. This loan is guaranteed by Rajaraman and Venkat

  • Rs 30,000 loan to Iswarya to be recovered in 2 years was unanimously approved. This loan was

guaranteed by Rajaraman and Venkat

  • Rs 30,000 loan to Gnansoundari to be recovered in one year was approved by all volunteers, excluding

Paripoornam. Since Gnansoundari is related to Paripoornam, she abstained from voting. This loan was

guaranteed by Paripoornam and Lokesh.

7. Publicity

Rajaraman and Muthu explained ASHA Chennai initiatives in Social Media, particularly Facebook.

Different kinds of posts and where they would go:

  •  Site visit and project reports: As usual they go to the project DB. If there is something in this that

warrants publishing in social media, the writer of the report will send it to Muthu.

  • On the spot school and Asha event reports: Only social media. Muthu gets them through

WhatsApp and puts them up in Facebook and soon in other social media.

  • News Reports: The kind of summarized news reports with albums etc., will continue to be posted

in the Asha Chennai website News section. Muthu will go back and edit the earlier spot article

about that same event with the report and album from the news report.

  •  Blog and other long form articles: Blogging sites like Linked In and Medium and Asha Chennai's

blog section.

Regarding the grammar and language in Facebook, Venkataraman has volunteered to monitor and

correct the same. Rajaram and Muthu to work with him on this

Regarding protecting the privacy of the children we will avoid mentioning their names. Beyond that we will

assume that the HMs exercise caution in sharing the details with us for now.

Donor Communication. Currently we have not been thanking donors or sending them emails with updates

about Asha Chennai or periodic wishes and request for continued support. Venkataraman has agreed to

do all of the above. He was anyway going to do this for the scholarship project. He will do this for other

donations as well. Rajaram to coordinate with him on this.


8. Thanks for participation

Rajaraman thanked all the volunteers for attending this monthly meeting

Decisions are highlighted in blue.

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