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  • Meeting Minutes for Asha Chennai on 9th July 2017


Volunteers Present: Saraswathi,, Bhaskar, Kasturi, Rajaram, Sundaram, Paripooranam and Kavitha.

Geetha, Vijaya and Kalyanasundaram were there for the first 4 agenda items below. Venkat was there for the remaining 4 agenda items.

*Decisions and action items are in blue.

1. Accounts Update

Rajaram updated the team about the meeting with Radha and Geetha. Geetha will start assisting with the accounts work. She will share the responsibilities with Radha.

For the accounts work Geetha would need a computer. She will also be using this for the SAC work that she does. Everyone unanimously approved the purchase of a laptop for Geetha’s use and this will be billed 50% under Admin project and 50% under Asha Chennai Scholarships. This will move to a different volunteer if the roles change.

We need to evaluate mechanisms for funding our Admin expenses. We will take up this discussion in the next meeting.

2. Asha Scholarships Proposal

Geetha presented the proposal for Asha Scholarships. For now the proposal is to keep the number of supported children the same at 130. The expenses for last year and the new budget were presented.

The admin expenses needed to be enhanced to cover Malliga’s salary and the 50% share of the computer that is to be purchased for Admin/SAC work. With these modification the total budget of Rs 25.2 Lakhs was approved unanimously.

3. UQE Thirunelvelli

Mr. Ananth, the current steward for this project is incapacitated and would not be able to continue managing the project for the time being. Given that situation Rajaram presented the following three options for the consideration of the team.

    1. Drop the project.

    2. Directly support Navajeevan Trust for this project year and expect them to find alternate funds for the project going forward.

    3. Continue running the project as we are doing with a different steward.

Both options 2 and 3 would require a steward for the project. Mr. Kalyanasundaram offered to steward the project.

After some discussions about the project, our finances and our bandwidth to engage with the project, the volunteers voted on the above options. Four volunteers voted for option 1 and 6 volunteers voted for option 2. Out of those 6, 3 volunteers voted to fund the project till December 2017 and 3 volunteers voted to continue the project till May 2018. Since option 2 got selected, the 4 who voted for option 1 were given the option to choose funding the project till Dec 2017 or May 2018 and all of them chose to fund it till Dec 2017.

Therefore we ae are choosing to continue supporting the project by making direct contribution to Navajeevan Trust till Dec 2017 under the stewardship of Mr. Kalyanasundaram.

The scope of the project will remain about the same as in 2016-17. Mr. Kalyanasundaram will talk to Nalan from Navajeevan Trust to put up the proposal in the next meeting.

We also unanimously approved the increase of the teachers’ salary to Rs 6000 from June 2017.

4. Project Thulasi Enhancements

Paripooranam explained the situation at Kamagaram. Of the 2 government teachers at the school, one of them has left on Maternity leave starting in June. She is unlikely to be back before June 2018. The school is being managed by just the HM and the Asha teacher (Annamalai). It has been one of the best run school of all Asha supported school. She wanted to hire one more teacher for the school. Further she also wanted to hire one more teacher for the tuition centre and allocate Rs 9000 for some prizes or financial support for the best performing students from the tuition centre.

All the volunteers unanimously approved the hiring of new teacher for Kamagaram and the tuition centre. However the funding for the reward for the best performing students was rejected. The budget for the project was thus enhanced by Rs 97,200.

5. Poorna Vidhya Enhancements

Kasturi described the situation at the Chennai Primary School at Shastrinagar. Their strength in primary classes has gone up to over 80 and this being one of the schools that best supports Asha activities, we should continue providing a teacher for the school. All volunteers unanimously approved this conditional on the number of students in the school in reality being atleast 65 or 70. This would add to the budget the salary for this teacher (Rs 9000 * 12) and a laptop/data connection for the teachers (Rs 30000 + 500 * 12).

6. Manigal Enhancements

Saraswathi described the situation at the Chennai Primary School at Indiranagar. She would like to allocate Rs 18,000 towards furniture for this school. This was unanimously approved by all volunteers.

7. Funding Allocation 2017-18

The proposals for all the projects (other than UQE Thirunelvelli) have been approved for 2017-18. The following projects are fully funded by donors in India.

    • Glovis Sangamam (part of Project Sangamam).

    • Hysco Sangamam (part of Project Sangamam but should be moved into its own project).

    • Glovis Sugadharam (part of Project Sugadharam).

The rest of the projects need to be funded from our US funds. Note some of these like Asha Chennai Scholarships and Project Sugadharam receive money specifically for the project and require no allocation of funds from our buffer.

Like last year, Rajaram proposed that we limit the funding to a project from the buffer to 85% of the total sanctioned amount for the project. All volunteers unanimously approved this.

The following table identifies the fund requirement for the project (as per proposal), the money to be allocated to the project as well as the total money to be transferred for the project from US to India.


Funding Requirement

Alloications from Buffer

Funds to be transferred from US including donations received specifically for the project.

Asha Chennai Scholarships


Nil (Last year it raised the full requirements which can now be brought back)


Project Manigal Indiranagar




Project Manigal Kottur




Porrna Vidhya




Project Sangamam




Project Pearl




Project Deepam




Project Thulasi




Project Sangamam Kanini




Project RightStart


We may need to allocate Rs 171944 towards this. We are awaiting support for this from Asha Frankfurt.

We will wait to hear from Frankfurt and then decide whether this needs to be transferred from US. Amount approved Rs 1,71,944 /-

Project Sugadharam extension – Note the original part is fully funded by Hyundai Glovis.

3,25,000 (toilet complex at Koppampatti and repairs at Nagalapuram)

Nil (these will be funded by Asha Pittsburg and Frankfurt – they should be doing ICT to our US account).

3,25,000 – After the ICT for these is received from Pittsburg and Frankfurt chapters.





The allocation of these funds for the projects was unanimously approved by all volunteers


8. Teacher Loans

Rajaram and Venkat presented the loan requests from two teachers at Thiruvallur. The total loan outstanding at the moment is about Rs 90,000. We agreed to extend loan to Rajkumari for Rs 50,000 but did not approve the request from Poonkodi. We also agreed to limit the total loan given out by Asha to 2% of our annual budget or Rs 2 Lakhs for now. These were unanimously approved by all volunteers.

Minutes recorded by Rajaram


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