Meeting Minutes - Exec Meeting - Feb 5th 2016 5-6pm


Location : Whitaker Biomedical engg conference room

Volunteers present - Tapo, Arka, Geet, Mayank, Anshuman, Janani, Anish

Abhyuday Da on skype


  1. Budget given on excel is tentative for the whole year, how much money we have, and how much we expect to generate form events and Asha central. If we cannot reach the target, help sought from other Asha chapters. WAH was earlier central, last year it was project specific or chapter specific, project specific donation means each donor gives 250$ per quarter say to a particular project say Nishtha

  2. Generally budget done as last year’s money sent to each project + 7-10% for inflation. Auditors need this budgeting

  3. Example say Nistha night shelter, money required for last year 430,000. half given by Atlanta 215,000 and other half by NYC/NJ. This year adjusted for inflation money is 231,500, about 7.6 % increase

  4. Question on Nistha’s computer and spoken english training being conditional on earlier students getting placed (Abhyuday believe Anu has taken that money into counting, but it will be given depending of results of previous girls in getting jobs ? Abhyuday says we can discuss this, now it is only projected budget.

  5. Goes to vote : everybody agrees this is reasonable and say YES to proposed budget. Anuradha Bulusu and Padmanava Sen already approved it over email.


Meeting Minutes - Feb 5th 2016 6pm Klaus 2456


Minute taker - Geet

Volunteers present - Tapo, Arka, Anshuman, Mayank, Sid, Janani, Geet

New Volunteers - 7+

Old Volunteers - 3+ (Rachit, Ribhu, Bahnisikha,)


    1. Presentation by Tapo - Asha for Education Georgia Tech (Atlanta)

    2. 50+ chapters in US, also in Europe

    3. Projects in India - Gram Vikas Trust, Nishtha etc.

    4. Why Asha - 0% overhead + Site visits + Very active

    5. Children in Manipur - remote places, visited by Tapo, no water in 3 KM radius, Asha is sending fund there, 5 schools managed by a NGO, Asha Atlanta doesn’t have this project, but by Asha Zurich, They asked Tapo to visit - Can you check it out, Tapo went there, it was a life changing experience for him, no exaggeration, 5 days visit, chaos in Manipur, to go to manipur you need special permit, places in hilly areas, permission by village kings to go there, two weeks before he left - there was a curfew, only way not to stop you to visit the place - go in a ambulance, won’t stop you, be prepared to walk, places are so remote, some places bike, some place nothing, had to walk after reaching a certain place, then had to wear the helmet, area controlled by the military, they will ask money, specially a US guy, we went there - home made up of bamboo + fence in front of it, gunmen passing by, asked Tapo to go inside immediately, Annual Income 10K Rs p.a., QUESTION - Don’t these children have the right to education, Asha funded the establishment, Teachers are funded less, teachers can’t speak hindi or english, teachers say - higher opportunities at other places but would like to stay here, whole point - ASHA makes an impact, if we volunteers spend a little time, can make a huge impact, reports given to ASHA zurich, that’s the story. How are militants roaming so freely? Kind of protecting local people. Why is Indian army not taking any step? They are trying. Our part - little bit of education, even if one can go out and find a new job, that’s an impact

    6. Children in north east of the manipur, Sacsas - Given respect, primary classes - 30 students, nice sex ratio, as you go up in class 5, 6, 7 - only 5-6 students, that too only girls, boys do the job, ASHA is not just about giving them money but also about giving them some advice and solutions. We need people to brainstorm ideas.

    7. Another center in West Bengal - anyone can do a site visit, after school coaching center, Arkadeep went there, Also Padmanava (GT Alum), working in Bangy and San Francisco, he visits whenever he goes there. Asked children to read some write up and do some mathematical problems, but children couldn’t do it. It was like a test and gauging whether the money provided by ASHA has an impact or not. English check up was also done. But it was unsatisfactory. Cards were made and given to Mr. Arkadeep as a token of THANK YOU to ASHA. An interesting place - (Northeast - female important) - but Bengal and other parts in India, women are not sent to school but Kishori Bahini is trying hard and providing education on adolescence training and several other things. Motivating children to go to school. But Arka was disappointed to know that motivation from a children (Able to read prescription, able to go to Kolkata). Teachers sent by NGO to this village and teach them on hygiene. Arka were shown dance and other things by the children. 8-9 villages. Projects about empowering children, spoken english, computer training, etc. Computer training - there was problem with accent, how are you da? Arka started talking in english, what’s your name, what’s your favorite subject? They couldn’t respond. According to Arka, these site visits are very important so that we can understand the status of the project

    8. Another place, child marriage drama to teach the parents that it’s wrong.

    9. Another place - ASHA Mumbai, conference, so I went, searched for a center, found a center, children from slums, better position than rural ones.

    10. What do we do in Georgia Tech - Fundraising events, please ask question, anything, if we know we will answer. How is this site visit thing being organize? Site visit before funding being given? They ask ASHA volunteers, can anyone visit, and then they tell NGO that this guy is going to visit. Different part of India, whichever place is near to your native place (preferably). Someone approaches us - voting among the team, then visit the place. First person bringing the project will never visit is again. Uncle’s NGO, so you can’t go. First ASHA volunteer in India, check really worth doing this or not. Annual Budgeting is done. Please refer the Asha Atlanta Poster for the proper flow chart. Question - Budget, then allocation, and then checking. If further needed and if fund not available with the chapter, request another chapter. People believe and we keep getting money. Projected budget 45K dollars for this year. 30K from ASHA central and rest of the money from events. Schools are government made or establishments by ASHA? Of course, Asha’s. If NGO asks for money again, then chapter decides what to do and they say yes, they arrange the fund, if not available, ask Asha Central. Based on Tapo’s report, they asked Tapo what to do, money to be given for what? Asha GT - various events - game night, karaoke night, durga puja - set up a table and ask people to donate for the cause. We have an awesome running program. Common among ASHA and NGO. Lot of us into running, help you get trained for the marathon, give webpage, people donate, appreciate, give money and goal achieved, inner satisfaction. Anyone can run. Try. 8 runners - 6 for half marathon + 1 for full + Pi mile. Running info session - shoes, food, etc. Another event - GT concession stand, volunteer to maintain the stall. Any ideas for the fundraising? Time commitment - GN, KN once per semester. Two screws in my leg and am trying to run, good reason for you to start running. Concession stand - basky, football, etc. Imagine the little time commitment and impact you are making.

    11. Are you interested? All - yay, Zero - nay !!!

    12. Event - 13th evening - potluck - bonding event - getting to know each other - having a good time - get friends - 10th and Home, 6 pm.

    13. One important thing - meeting before the events. Game night - 4 hrs.

    14. Arka - Rachit is his mentor. Great community - growing now. More people, bring them. Grad students, not a lot of time required.

    15. Collaborating with India Club - trying but not sure.

    16. Vibha - similar organization, get to know the need + investigate + then give. Collaboration.

    17. Roster - new people will be added.
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