Asha-Atlanta Volunteer Meeting : 8th July, 2015

Attendees: Anu, Arkadeep, Yash, Tapo

Discussion points:

Movie Night Update (Janani, Tapo) :

  • Venue decided : Suddath Room(cap. ~100), can reserve for 4 hours (free), after that need special permission from Dewayne (BME Admin Staff)

  • Movie : PK

  • Cost of CD : 18$ from Amazon (unless someone has any other legal option)

  • Date : September middle (after labor day holiday Thur/Fri night).

  • Advertisement : Every possible mailing list, print flyers and put them across campus

  • Ticket price : $5.

  • Couple of issues: Can’t do any activity at GT without being registered.

  • Adding food to event may help in getting more people. Look for smaller Indian restaurants for food like samosas. This will promote the restaurant as well.

Asha-GT as a Student Organization :

  • Need a faculty advisor (Anu)

  • Need 10 students to sign up

  • Need a constitution stating the purpose (got old constitution, shared in drive, we can just that or update it)(maybe one constitution for all student chapters. Anu will check).

  • people willing to serve as officers

  • contact : Office of Student Affairs

  • Register in Jacketpages

  • one member and faculty advisor has to visit the Office of Student Affairs, with signs of all 10 members.

Table for grad Expo

  • 10 AM to 4 PM.

  • Poster or bookmarks.

  • Video that tells the story of Asha.

  • One person manning the table. One explaining.

  • 2 volunteers per hour.

Cultural Event:

  • Gokul is a PhD. student in ECE. He had played in TechX. He is coming back to GT in August/Thanksgiving. Very interested to perform.

  • Need to rope in Aarohi. Aarohi is not very much ready to collaborate right now, but in the middle of the semester.

  • May have to push the cultural event behind the movie night.

Concession stand on Game-days:

  • Yash has emailed the person in charge. Waiting for reply.

  • We can distribute pamphlets to the people at the concession stands.

Cricket tournament:

  • Atlanta cricket league raised 6K $ and they nominate one social cause every year.

  • We can tie up with them in the next year and make it a major event.

  • Possible contacts available at:

General Comments:

  1. Important to find dedicated members in the initial few years.

  2. Tapo visiting Manipur. Should not be a conflict of interest. Plans to cover 5 schools and 1 hospital. May not be able to visit all hospital.

  3. Tapo must contact teachers, parents, students in the absence of local contact.

  4. Marathon is possible event. VIBHA is a possible organization to collaborate with. They have a successful marathon dream-mile event.

  5. Anu’s responsibilities:

(i) Find a local small restaurant.

(ii) Contacting the Atlanta Cricket league.

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