Asha-Atlanta Volunteer Meeting : 24th June, 2015

Attendees: Dr. Mandal, Arkadeep, Janani, Aditi, Yash, Geet, Anshuman, Tapo

Venue: Georgia Tech, MaRC 114 (ground floor of Manufacturing Institute at 813 Ferst Drive- Trolley stop Ferst and Hemphill)


Discussion points:

1.       Member Introduction

2.       Asha GT is not functional as of now. This has some disadvantages (membership issues, student discount, etc.) as mentioned by Arka. Gamma beta phi can help us out.

3.       Overview of Asha: Non-profit organization. Helps under-privileged children. Especially for education. There is only one “Asha for education” in USA. But there are many (40) chapters. Many of them associated with universities. Silicon Valley and Seattle are the biggest chapters in USA. People get tax reduction. Indian chapters work differently but USA, Canada, and Europe work in a similar fashion. There is one central account where all the raised dollars go. From there, it is released to India as and when required. Cash donations are not accepted in general. Cheques are accepted. But need to be put in an envelope by the donator. Credit card transactions are accepted. Need to get a SQUARE device with smartphone (ask Anu)

4.       Fund raising events:

  1. Cultural events were done. Get sponsors. 
  2. Musical nights, dance, singing, drama, etc. 
  3. India Mela 
  4. Movie Night 
  5. Student Center Theatre – Need to pay for ticketing events and there are food restrictions (need campus organizations to partner, as then fees are lower) {Need Asha to be re-instatated as GT organization -Anu might tell better 
  6. Marathon is a big event. Big input, big output. Imp fundraising event. 
  7. Biking in Atlanta ?? BeltLine Atlanta (many Indian grad students 4-5 students  have been going this summer) 
  8. Events like Cricket, unique games mostly popular in India can also be organized. 
  9. Asha Florida successfully manages booths during game days and generates funds. Food Events .
  10. Sell food at GaTech Events. 
  11. Gokul and Souryadeep: Musical Players. Event can be organized and money can be raised.   Gokul has graduated but will be coming to Atlanta this August.

5.  Plans in Pipeline: Check with Georgia Tech, Movie night (September, check out logistics and copyright issues), Cricket game (winter), Check with classical music teams

6.  Janani is going to contact Tamil Group.

7.  Projects - States of the today’s attendees? Maharashtra, Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh. Usually projects are taken from the NGOs of the native states. So you feel motivated to carry out the project. Need to be passionate about the project. Need to like it. Dr. Mandal mentioned the following Projects of Atlanta: Nishtha - Children in the red light area, Kalyania. There are many other projects. But Arkadeep says - First, work selflessly for the India as a whole, then think about your state’s project. How the projects are allocated? - taking existing projects is a good option. Nistha was brought to Asha Atlanta. Kalyania is also an Asha Atlanta project. Gram Vikas Trust and Hijli Inspiration are other projects. Chapter decides whether to fund a project or not.

8. Skype with project partners.

9.  Two events in each semester. Biweekly or monthly meetings.

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