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  • Natural fabric shopping bags created by project partner Deenabandhu


Deenabandhu is a long time project partner supported by Boston, Arizona, Silicon Valley in the past.   One of their recent projects is a tailoring center for poor women in the area.

They have teamed up with a local export company to try and fulfill orders from customers abroad.

Asha Boston tried a small order, ordering 80 bags for a fundraiser.   Deenabandhu and the export company delivered the order at short notice, and the quality was very good.   Asha Boston gave them as gifts to donors who donated above $50.   Alternative options are to sell them for $10 or $20.


Shopping bags

The cost per bag is around $4.15, this includes shipping from India to the US.   (2.15 for the bag + 2 for shipping)

Bags ordered by Asha Boston:


Bags with the new logo ( will be changed to



Other sample bags (with other logos) are here.  


Produce bags

Cost per bag is $2.50 (0.90 for the bag + 1.60 for shipping)


Small size (22 cms x 33 cms), Medium size (36 cms x 40 cms)


( will be replaced with


Greeting Cards

Greeting cards from art made by tribal children:   Samples are here:
Matte print: $3 each, $25 for a box of 10.
Glossy print: $2 each, $15 for a box of 10

I am collecting orders from other chapters.  


Please fill out the following table if you are interested in ordering bags for your chapter.  (Alternatively you can email me at  The deadline for ordering bags is July 31st.

ChapterContact name and email
(volunteer from the chapter coordinating this)
Address bags should be mailed toType of bag: Shopping or produce
(if selecting produce
bag please specify size)
Number of bags




ChicagoRevathi Kadari

Asha for Education - Chicago

c/o Revathi Kadari

1015 Atlantic Ave #A,

Hoffman Estates, IL - 60169


Produce(medium size)

Greetings cards - Glossy



2 boxes


Silicon Valley +

San Francisco +

San Diego + Stanford

Vidhya Govindaraju (

Asha for Education - Silicon Valley

c/o Vidhya Govindaraju

715 Salt Ct,

Redwood City, CA - 94065

Produce bags (medium)
(200 SV + 0 SD)

Shopping bags
(?? SV + ?? SF + 150 SD + 50 Stanford)

Greeting cards - Matte
(1 SV)



1 box

1 box (matte): $25

Shipping: $3.75


Ranjeet Kumar (

Charu Mehta (

Asha for Education - Madison

c/o Charu Mehta

506 Farley Ave Apt. 1

Madison, WI 53705


Shopping bags30 

Bags from Boston's first order: $4.8 * 32

Additional shipping within the US: $32.86

PrincetonAparna ( Shopping bags25  
Kansas CityPat Malay (

Asha for Education - Kansas City Chapter

c/o Pat Malay

5022 W 147th St

Leawood KS 66224

Shopping bags

Greeting Cards - Matte


1 box

1 box (matte) $25

Shipping: $3.75


Mouna Monnappa (

Varadaraj Shastry (

Nikhil Korada (

Asha for Education - Arizona Chapter

c/o Varadaraj Kallur

750 W Baseline Road, Apt 1087

Tempe AZ - 85281

Shopping Bags - Medium15  
BostonMelli Annamalai (

Melli Annamalai

4 Canter Ct

Nashua, NH 03063

Shopping bags


Produce bags (medium)

65 grocery bags

(10 for Sadhana + 5 for Uttara)

50 (produce bags)


Final accounts


ChapterAmount to be transferred to central treasury
San Diego$550.42
Silicon Valley$950.42

Note: The shopping bags costs were: $2.30/bag if shipped by Fedex, $1.95/bag if shipped by Garuda, free if carried by volunteers from India + any US domestic shipping costs.   A huge thanks to Sadhana and her family (and her friend), and Shankar for carrying a total of close to 200 bags.   These hand-carried bags were then mailed within the US for smaller orders, and hand-carried my be when I traveled to that city.  I have amortized the total shipping costs for all bags, so that each shopping bag cost is $1.08 per bag.   Once again, huge thanks to volunteers who carried the bags and saved us significant shipping costs.  The produce bag shipping costs are $1 per bag.

Please contact me (Melli) if you have any questions about the spreadsheet which shows the detailed breakdown of costs.

Bags being made at Deenabandhu, Chamarajanagar, Karnataka



2019 Orders (March/April)

ChapterNumber of BagsBags costShipping costNotes
Asha SV100


2.35 * 100 = $235

Invoice: DN-2018-19-005

$0.00Carried by Mr. Raghunandan
Asha SV50


2.35 * 50 = $117.50

Invoice: DN-2018-19-006

$0.00Carried by Mr. Ganesan
Asha SV90


2.35 * 90 = $211.50

Invoice: DN-2018-19-008


3 * 90 = $270.00

Invoice: DN-2018-19-008

Shipped on March 12, 2019

Asha SV200


2.35 * 200 = $470


1.74 * 200 = $348



0.43 * 200 = $86

Shipped on March 31, 2019

Asha Boston

(holding for future chapter




2.35 * 225 = $528.75

Invoice for rows 4 and 5: AE-2018-19-010


1.74 * 235 = $391.50

Invoice for rows 4 and 5: DN-2018-19-008


0.43 * 225 = $96.75

Shipped on March 31, 2019

$1009.50 (shipping)

$1192.25 (shipping + customs)

Bags + shipping + customs: $2755


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