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  • November 10 2016, Chapter meeting



Topics discussed:

  1. Funds needed for
    a.Infrastructure needs for TEP
    b.Workshop for Teachers in TEP
    c. Butterfly edufields Workshop for students in TEP.


2. FCRA for ACRD school - Rama is checking to see if we have a new certificate. ACRD has not received/sent a new certificate so we need an extension to disburse necessary funds. Rama is working to find out information.

Bhargavi contacted project coordinator and got the feedback as follows for TEP:

Information project coordinator and subsequent vote from members on Whatsapp. Totally 5 members approved the requested funds. 

11/11/16, 12:20:22 PM: Bhargavi: Spoke to Joy. Here's his list. I will call him back on Sunday for ball park estimates, except for Butterfly Fields which we have to come up with.
11/11/16, 12:21:30 PM: Bhargavi: Repair of buildings 
Making stone (pebbled) walkways to buildings
Hiring an expert from Assam for training teachers
Butterfly Fields Workshop for kids
11/11/16, 12:48:51 PM: Bhargavi: Madam here is the need on priority. Priority No. 1. School repair which includes  repair of walls, shaken benchs and tables, widows and door, drainage, road repairs with pepples  etc. This is a major repair already in need,. When the project was initially started a question was asked - how long the mud building lasts, We answered that it can last 10 to 12 years. However the school has already lasted more than 13 years. With this major repair the school can last another 5 to 7 years more. The budget for all these work will be Rs.2,50,000/- (if repair all the above items, we can also reduce the amount by removing some items). Second priority is teacher training. Fund require is Rs. 50,000/-. Uniform is not on priority as the the uniform are still new. Third is butterfly, which may be led by the same team. No idea of the budget, they will give you perhaps.
11/12/16, 9:36:20 AM: All joy's projects can be approved immediately if everybody votes on it. I am assuming it is a yes based on the conversation we had on the call for Bhargavi, Vatsala, Rama and me.
11/11/16, 12:58:43 PM: Sanjay: I will reach out to them and ask for a quote on similar engagement
11/12/16, 9:42:46 AM: Bhuma: I am voting yes on Joy's mail above. Thanks
11/12/16, 10:38:17 AM: Bhargavi: I vote yes to approving funding for Joy's list of projects submitted on Whatsapp on 11/11/16.


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