What did we do well?

  • Created a tri-fold poster using the resources at ASU 2 days prior to the event

  • The tri fold poster includes colourful pictures and the Asha mission
  • Used the funding provided by ASU student body organization to purchase articles for the Chapter. Items are listed in the Table below.

  • Engaged with over a 100 students at the event

  • Had a google form for sign in with name, email information as inputs. Added the students to the mailing list  

  • Raffle tickets distributed for every sign in

  • Flyers and Visiting cards were distributed

  • Lot of student interaction

  • Kudos to the volunteers for engagement!

1Promotional Pens, Keychains (Giveaway Marketing/Promotional Items )$50$50

Visiting cards (Giveaway Marketing/Promotional Items )

3Vertical Banner and Tripod set (Other (provide as much info as possible))$100$100
4Table cloth (Durable Marketing Items)$17.24$17.24
5pamphlets (Giveaway Marketing/Promotional Items )$50$50
6Postcards (Giveaway Marketing/Promotional Items )$40$40

What should we have done better?

  • More give aways or games at the stall
  • Probably a better table for more crowd participation
  • Overall, the event was a great success and attracted new student volunteers



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