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My name is Sangeitha Thayalan and I am a 2nd year student at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. I am in the process of earning a degree in biology with a public health minor. I am a direct care professional at ACR Homes, and I work with other first year students in the College of Biological Sciences through the Nature of Life program. I would like to be involved with Asha for Education because I have learned the importance of an education in my life, and I believe that it is important for every child to have their right to one as well. Though I am new to this organization, I know there is a lot that I can gain from being a project leader for one such as the KJSA project, and perhaps I could provide a new perspective as a student studying public health as well. The main reason that I want to be apart of the KJSA project is because the organization is doing good work with providing resources to children in the area, and providing an education to the them to the best of their abilities, and I would love to continue to help support their work in some way as a project leader. I hope you all will consider me as a potential project leader, and I look forward to working with you all. Thank you

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Background for poll:

Sangeitha is a new volunteer member at Asha Mn chapter. She has expressed interest in taking on project lead role for KJSA project from Anirban. She would continue to fulfil all the activities of project lead going forward for KJSA since Anirban is unable to support the same.  



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Do you support Sangeitha's interest to lead the KJSA project going forward from Oct 2018?
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Yes Q1
7 Votes , 100%
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