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Background for poll:


In Jan’18 meeting, we discussed 2 new projects and detailed information was later sent out 1) Learning Links Foundation proposal and 2) KMSWS. New volunteer is required to support any new effort.


In Feb'18 meeting, Sanjali came forward to volunteer and expressed interest to become the Project Steward for KMSWS. The information on KMSWS is attached above. 


Further support for KMSWS Project to be initiated by Sanjali as she immerses herself in the details and performs an assessment. Thus, this is NOT a poll to provide any specific funding yet to KMSWS.


Rather this poll is to support Sanjali as a Project Steward, so she can proceed with work needed to decide on funding (if any) for KMSWS.



Question Total Votes Average Score
Q1 8


Do you agree to support Sanjali as a Project Steward for KMSWS?
Choices Your Vote Current Result: (8 Total Votes) Comments
Yes Q1
8 Votes , 100%
No Q1
0 Votes , 0%



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