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  • Proposals 2017 - New and Existing projects


REWARD TRUST - Melli Annamalai

  • Supported by Asha Arizona, there is a need to be consistent with the support.  Some more funding is necessary for the school year.   Project page is here.

Deenabandhu - Atman Parikh

-          Science resource centers at 5 higher primary schools   Approx. Rs. 2.5 lakhs

Asha Fellow Karthi Bharati - Vikram Murali

  •   Karthi would like to create youth centers to encourage more youth to take up community action and community service.  He was heavily influenced by NSS in his college days, as was the founder and coordinator of Shaaron special trust in Rajapalayam (supported by Asha Toledo).   The virtual space provided by NSS for creating a desire to work with the community has more or less disappeared.   Karthi would like to revive that in collaboration with another local organization.

Project in Rajatalab, formerly funded by Asha Chicago, proposed by Rajeev Annaluru - Akshay Bhole

New project in MP (Vignesh former Asha St Louis volunteer forwarded a message from the friend who has started the project) - Mitul Saha


-          Career  training/options for class X students: Building on the Art/Music/Sports strengths of tribal students.  

  • On going issue with funding the school since the government has pulled out

Seed Narpanigal (lower priority)

-          Building.  Approx Rs. 20-30 lakhs

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