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Project: Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya (KSV)

Location:  Kalkeri village near Dharwad, Karnataka

Description: KSV is a unique school which combines the teaching of Indian classical arts and regular school education.   Children at the school are from impoverished backgrounds, and many pursue careers in the performing arts after graduating from KSV.   

Success stories:

Project website:

KSV website:

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Project: Seed Narpanigal

Location: Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Description:  After school study centers help students in their school curriculum and involve children in a variety of extra curriculum activities that bring out the potential in each child.  The centers are run by youth in the community.   These are youth who were part of the centers when they were in school, they come back to help when they are in college.   They are paid a small honorarium which helps them with their college costs.   The centers are a beautiful example of the community helping itself.  The centers are having a positive impact in this poor area in Madurai.

Success stories: Some students who were very behind in the classes and dropped out, have taken class X exams as private students and are on the path to a career path that can provide economic stability.

Project website

Seed website:

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Project:  Mobile Science Van project by Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement

Location: HD Kote taluk, Mysore district, Karnataka

Description: This project, in collaboration with Oracle in this project area, covers 96 government upper primary and high schools.   In these schools Science was taught from the textbook, without any lab and without any hands on activities or demonstrations.   Children were afraid of Science and Maths, and only a miniscule percentage went on to study Science after class X.    In this project, a Science Van travels to schools carrying laboratory equipment and facilitators who help the teachers teach.   It also carries books as part of a mobile library.  It has energized teachers and brought a excitement about Science to the children in these schools. This initiative also shows that government schools, the only option for over 95% children in rural India, can be transformed. 

Yearly Science fairs and community radio Science programs are now part of the product, under the ownership of the government school teachers themselves.

Success Stories:

  1. The mobile library is beginning to show a perceptible increase in reading and writing skills among the children.   
  2. Energized government school teachers have started a group 'Vignyana Vedike' where they discuss various Science concepts to improve their own understanding of Science, helping them move away from rote memorization.   
  3. Some Vignyana Vedike teachers developed Science labs in their schools, after lobbying the government for the physical space to create the labs.
  4. The government has observed the successes of this project, and supports the project in some ways.

Project website

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Project: Bhagwati Sarla Paliwal Education Society (BSPES)

Location: Jattari, Uttar Pradesh

Description: BSPES runs a school in the town of Jattari, U.P. It provides education to marginalized girls to empower them and enable them to break away from gender based subjugation that is the norm in the area.  so they can exercise greater choice personally and professionally. The school has 900+ students and ensures that quality education is provided to these students.  BSPES continues to work closely with the girls and their families after they graduate from BSPES.  They help them with college, learning English, and lead them to a career path. 

BSPES continues to work closely with the girls and their families after they graduate from BSPES.  They help them with college, learning English, and lead them to a career path.  

Success Stories: Two girls, Bandana and Surbhi, got admission to a community college in the US, via a special program by the US embassy.    Blog post on Bandana’s visit is here (includes photos):

Surbhi gave a fantastic speech thanking Asha Boston and all its supporters during our April fundraiser.  From a very humble farmer’s family, she boldly stood in front of 400 people and spoke to them in English about her journey so far and about her dreams for the future.   In the attached video, her speech is from around 8:18 onwards.

Asha project webage:

BSPES website:

Video links:


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