Puvidham presented a  budget of 20 lakhs (attached). I discussed with Meenakshi about some of the points where there seemed to be hike that I have summarised below

  •  Hike in grocery costs of Rs. 1,80,000. She attributed this to monsoon problems leading to higher water trasports, buying more vegetables and grains (since her farm is not doing so well with no rains) and purchase of firewood. I have asked her to look for more sustainable sources of cooking fuel. 
  • From next year, I have asked her to hike the hostel fees for city kids or use income category as a criterion. She has not included the summer camp income in this since the turnaround is not clear yet since it's a new business. This will be added to the next budget.

Decision has been made to disburse 7 lakhs. (5 votes in favour, none against). Also latest site visit report attached.


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