Visit by Chiai Uraguchi 
Visiting Foundation course to observe a English class 12/7/2017 
Foundation course for this year has not started yet. In the past a couple of days, they are taking admission and given test to candidates. When I visited, 4 students were in English class. They were learning English phrases with a song. A English teacher corrected their pronunciation and explained the meaning of the song.  They had 2 laptops and teacher's phone to learn English. Books were neatly placed. 
Around 10 more students are confirmed out of which 3 students continued to go through the foundation course for one more year. The 10 more children will join from 20th of July
Observing 4th standard English class 13/7/2017
14 children were in the class taking the English class. The class was conducted in English entire time. An english story was told with action for the children to learn verbs, nouns, and adjective. After the story telling, the children practiced writing days. While they write the spells, the teacher encouraged students to read it out. Every children were engaged in the activities. 
There are two places where jeeps are used for communing to school- Muchukundu and Chumbakolly. 
Visiting Muchukundu 12/7/2017
From the school, 18 children, 1 teacher and myself used the jeep to head back to their village. It took around 50 min from the school to the entrance of the village. From there, need to take another auto and walked from there to reach the children's house. Jeep was packed with the children. 
Visiting Chumbakolly 14/7/2017
24 children plus one teacher used the jeep to head back to their village. From the school, 40 min ride to the small town. From there, the children have to walk for more than 3 km into forest. Their houses are scattered in 10km radius and some children have to walk more than 30min after the place where the jeep drops the children. The jeep has 15 capacity and always packed. The driver told me that sometimes police stop the driver and he has to pay fine due to overload.
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