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Minutes of the meeting (Call-in)
Attendees  : Arvind Rao, Ranga, & Mohit

  1. Volunteers raised concerns about ARC Cycle 1 Polls (Chapter Financial Planning and Effective utilization of funds)#* Concerned about transfer of money to General Funds based on WCR. It can lead to accumulation of money in Asha Central without actually going back to the Chapters. Example, if through this means, $100k is transferred to Asha Central while ailing chapter(s) need $30k, then the remaining funds will accumulate at Central level.
    • This is also against the philosophy of Asha being de-centralized org.  
    • Does not take into account if the chapter is scaling up 
    • ACTION : Mohit to look into this more and see if feedback/new  proposal can be put in for ARC. 
  2. ARC Cycle 2 - Poll 1#* Vote 1 - 3 YES
    • Vote 2 - 3 NO#** Asha Central should have a cap on the admin expenses just like each Chapter has. Possible options - #*** Cap rate of increase of expenses. Use average of last 5 year. Increase by 5%. (Preferred)
        • No more than  'x' /year, with some margin. (Preferred)
        • Cap the % of revenue
    • Vote 3 - 2 YES, 1 ABSTAIN#** Will the categories be made clear to the donor ?
      • Donor should be made aware that 'funds earmarked for Chapter' can be used for Admin expenses.
    • Vote 4 - 3 YES
  3. ARC Cycle 2 - Poll 2#* Vote 1 - 3 YES
  4. ARC Representative - still looking for a volunteer to take up the responsibility
  5. Discussion on Mathru Foundation#* Talked to Malathi & Padmanava. 
    • Malathi has been busy traveling. She is trying to raise funds for the new building where children will be moved. 
    • 14 disabled children staying in the house. Once the building is ready, they will move there
    • Right now funding from few core donors in bangalore. 
    • Arvind will put a proposal and present it. 
    • Question : How do the parents feel about having their children living separately from them ? Khushboo (a past project) had a school bus which dropped and picked children. 
  6. Discussion on Uday Pathshala in Girirajpura#* Looked at the 5 year plann provided by Maneesh (GSK)
    • Asha Austin is not setup currently to support this project in its entirety along with the budget increases over years. 
    • We can only commit 6k amount with 10% inflation adjusted every year. 
    • This covers salary of 2 teachers and a support staff. 
    • This however is 50% of the school's current year budget. 
    • Since we want to make sure we have a meaningful impact on the school, the school must get approval from a second source who is willing to fund the other 50% of the budget for first year and also identify a second/third source who is committed to the growth of the organization over years. 
    • Having multiple sources for a school is good for both the school and funding orgs. If one funding orgs go away, the school does not get heavily impacted. Also for funding orgs, it easy to wean away if fiscal situation is not good. 
    • Other Questions/Feedback for Maneesh  #** How are teacher salaries being supported currently ? 
      • What is involved in legal formalities ? What is the current understanding between Uday Girirajpura, villagers, forest department about ownership of the land and use of it
      • What grades would be taught ? How do they change over years ?
      • Is the increase in number of students shown per year estimated based on migration rate ? 
      • Original budget was 5.17 lakh but in the new sheet its 6.25 lakh. What was the reason for increase ?
      • What is the motivation behind being a resource center ?
      • Who will conduct government teacher workshop ? What are the expenses for it ?
      • Who will be running the resource centre ? Any else is planned other than workshop ?
  7. Potential Project - CBR initiative for Khushboo Welfare Society #* CBR is Community outreach program where Khushboo's will work with village medical centers/clinics to identify and help mentally challenged children
    • Ranga to find out more details along with a budget.