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Attendees - Sowmya, Vikram, Ranga, and Mohit

  1. Siddamma's fellowship program - Poll Results 
    1. Results : 6 Yes / 0 No
    2. Poll results are available here - link
    3. Feedback : Add option for Abstain and comments for future polls. 
  2. Action items from previous meetings##
    1. Mohit is waiting on Murali to give an update on how SV is approaching Girirajpura project. 
  3. 2015 ARC Poll - Cycle 1 Discussion
    1. Mohit forward the ARC poll email to the mailing list. 
    2. The goal of this poll is to ratify some of the by-laws of Asha. More details on this link
    3.  Question - Who are members of Board of Directors ? Is it the President, Secretary, et al. ?
  4. Update from Khushboo Welfare Society - Infrastructure project
    1. Documents are uploaded on Asha Austin Drive - link
    2. Volunteers are encouraged to read ahead of time. Since the meeting was cut short, we will discuss this item next meeting. 
  5. Chapter Financial Planning 
    1. Worksheet is now uploaded on Asha Austin Drive - link
    2. We will discuss this in the next meeting.