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10minSEA motivation centers funding decisionSriram
  • Last few years, Asha Dallas has funded SEA at INR 3,28,000 per year.
  • For 2015, the request is for INR 3,88,000 per year.
  • The reason for increase is because of an additional 2 schools added.
  • At beginning 2014, Asha Dallas had budgeted INR 3,28,000.
  • The chapter does have the money to fund the additional INR 60,000.
  • Vote to disburse INR 3,88,000: 6 Yes
15minSEA flood reliefSriram
  • Recent floods in Tamil Nadu has affected SEA.
  • SEA has requested funding of INR 3,50,600.
  • There are some questions about the funds requested that need clarification.
  • Sriram will follow up with SEA to get clarification and the chapter will reconvene for a discussion on Wed, 11/25.
20minAadarana discussionVenkata, Raju
  • Funding request for INR 9,64,800 has been sent by Aadarana.
  • This is to support education and living expenses for 50 girl children.
  • There are some concerns in terms of discrepancies in the names of girl children supported between last year and this year.
  • Venakata will follow up with Aadarana on these concerns and the chapter will reconvene to discuss funding after receiving feedback.
  • Naresh will request central treasury to remove the checklist that has been submitted currently.
  • Naresh and Raju will work to detail the total project specific donations received this year.
25minManchikalalu discussionVenkata
  • Funding request from Manchikalalu is for INR 5,23,250.
  • This is more than a 10% increase in funds from last year.
  • The reason for increase is due to increase in fees & transportation costs for college boys.
  • Vote to disburse INR 5,24,000: 5 Yes (Mr. Prasad has left the meeting by this time).
  • Couple of questions that need feedback prior to checklist approval:
    • What is causing the college fees to increase so much?
    • Clarification on some of the school children whose grades from last year to this year are not consistent.
5minWalk-in itemsSriram
  • Chennai cafe owner is interested in setting up fund collection for SEA flood relief. Sriram to work with him on that.
  • Discussed what the chapter would do if chapter approves SEA flood relief, but Asha central does not. Will decide if that scenario arises.

Action items.

  •  Sriram Muthukumar Follow up with SEA regarding fund relief request  
  •  Naresh Boga Setup a call to discuss SEA fund relief request  
  •  Venkata Vegesna Clarify discrepancies in Aadarana supported children  
  •  Naresh Boga Request Asha central to cancel Aadarana checklist  
  •  Perraju Vegiraju Work with Naresh to document Aadarana specific donations for 2015  
  •  Venkata Vegesna Get feedback on Machkalalu questions