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  • Asha Austin Meeting Minutes - 26th March, 2017

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  • Mohit presented status of the room construction at  the GSK school
  • GSK has presented a revised (itemized) estimate of INR 436,400 for construction  - original budget estimate was INR 350,000. Reasons for overrun:
    • different roof structure (sloped instead of flat) and more windows
    • steep increases in transport and labor costs
    • Asha Austin had disbursed INR 175,000 as first installment based on original budget
  • Vote to approve revised budget of INR 436,400, and disburse second installment of INR 262,000 for room construction:
    • Yes - Sowmya, Ranga, Arun, Mohit
    • No - None

KWS second disbursement vote

  • Asha Austin commitment of INR 1,020,000; initial installment of INR 680,000 sent in Dec 2016
  • KWS has sent a fund utilization report (primarily salaries) amounting to INR 870,152 (more than the INR 680,000 dispatched) for the new initiatives teachers
    • KWS looking to receive balance of INR 340,000
  • Some senior staff turnover - Ranga to ask KWS for clarification, and if this rises to the level of risk/concern for the organization
  • Discussion on fixing the retroactive nature of funding from this year, such that we cover funding requirements as they arise:
    • specifically, the first disbursement will not be gated by the audit report, and should ideally be disbursed by June 2017
    • we should have the audit report by the time the second disbursement is made in Nov 2017
  • Mohit suggests that we request more specific details on the activities in the school particular to the new initiatives. We currently have a good outline of everything that's done at the school, and a snapshot of activities from site visits.  The quarterly newsletters provide us with a good idea of all the activities.
  • Vote to approve disbursement of a balance of INR 340,000 to cover salaries from Dec 2016 - Mar 2017
    • Yes - Mohit, Ranga, Sowmya, Arun
    • No - None


Timelines for project updates

  • Ranga to present checklist/timeline template at next meeting