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#TaskSubtaskPerson in chargeDue dateComments
1.WebpageBlogAgniva, Akshaya  
  Runner pagesShruti, Karthiga, Ranjitha  
  Event pagesShashi, Ipsita, Akshaya  
  Intro page about Asha Atlanta, points of contacts etcShashi  
2.Project OwnershipLok ChetanaPrasoon  
  NishthaArka, Agniva  
  KalyaniaAnish, Sounok  
  HijliAnu, Akash, Ipsita  
  SSKAnusha, Shashi  
  Divya JyothiAnusha, Shashi  
3.Move materials to Wiki Page

Move Archives

  Move Fall 2016 minutes 5/25/18 
  Move Spring 2017 minutes 5/25/18 
  Move Summer 2017 minutes 5/25/18 
  Move Fall 2017 minutes 5/25/18 
  Move Spring 2018 minutes 5/25/18 
  Move GT documentation 5/25/18 
  Link marketing materials 5/25/18 
4.Connecting to graduating/ moving volunteers from different chaptersCreate a list of student chaptersDhwanil, Shashi5/25/18 
  Create a list of GT volunteers moving to other states   
  Conference calls with student chapters   
5.Caring crowd for Divya JyotiGoal of the projectShashi6/2/2018 
  Project partner steward details   
  Measurable goals   
  Project story  Broken into Challenge, solution and Impact
  Breakdown of budget   
  Funding metric document   
  Description about AshaAnusha6/2/2018500 word description
  Project goal description  100 character limit
  Project photos and videos   
  Funding goal plus 2.4%   
  Crowdfunding period   
  Impact of project   


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