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Presenter: Sree Geetha Dandapanthula Priority: Normal Time: 25 minutes
Name of the Group: Vijay Foundation Trust (Aarti Home) Established year With Asha : 2016
Location: Kaddapa, Andhra Pradesh
What they do: Vijay Foundation Trust has various programs like Aarti Home, Aarti School, Lalitha Co-op Society and Abhaya. Aarti Home is home to 120 children( 110 girls, 10 boys). Aarti school has about 425 students.
Reason for presentation, action needed: Annual update and request for recurring funds
Finance, record amount funded at meeting: INR 30, 50,000
Funding Period: start date (04/2019) - end date (03/2020)
Size: 425 children, 32 Teachers
Site visit status: yes, Dec 10, 2018 Project page:

Sandhya pochampalli in Puchalapalli in kadappa disctrct started it in 1992
Works with the 117 mandals of kadappa, chittoor
Associated with Social welfare and
Manabidda project is completed. Girl to boy ratio in schools increased 919->938 per thousand as per govt records.
AbhayaEU sponsored program to educate and advocate for girl children started now. Phone app being developed.
In 2017-18, the school achieved 100% results in SSC.
Aarti Home is run by Vijay Foundation Trust. Aarti school caters to Aarti home as well as outside children. Free or low cost education depending on financial situation.
At Aarti home 105 girls living in the hostel building and 8 boys mostly orphan who live at Sandhya’s house.
433 (196 boys, 237 girls) in the school with 32 teachers (23 school teacher, 9 preschool)
In the school building there is a hall that is used to for women’s workshops like tailoring.
14000 women benefited from classes in the school building. 2500 women completed employability workshop. 13000 women completed leadership training
Students from Stanford univ, students from Germany come there for their internship.
Alumni students have secured in many reputed companies.
On time funding in 2017- Purchase beds, shelves, playground. Construction blocks of 2 floorsblocks on the existing bloc. 3rd floor block was built by other sponsors. Solar panels. Sliding beds instead of bunk beds. Compost and kitchen gardening. Big neat library. Got them some benches salvages from a theatre renovation in town which will be installed on playground. 27 computers 10 laptops 17 desktops from SFO Asha chapter.


Teacher’s salary in 2018 12,00,000 was the budget. We gave 10 months prorated 10,00,000. This time we need 12+2 months salary.
Other donors: Government WEP funding, Give India funding, individual donors some of which are the Alumni.
Total expenses ~37,00,000. 7,00,000 is taken care by other sources. So the ask is for 30,00,000.

Everyone in favor of sending INR 12,00,000 to Aarti home to cover teachers' salaries and other operating expenses, for the period April 2019 to March 2020.
We also need to send INR 2,00,000 for the same purpose for the period Feb 2019 to March 2029 since we sent only 10 months funding last year.Yes: 10

No: 0
Abstain: 0

(Vibhavaree joined at the end.)