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  • Conference call 6 Nov 11 (ARC Cycle 2)


Call Attended by : Padmanava, Anuradha and Abhyuday

Discussed : ARC-Cycle 2 Proposals

Wiki pages for the ARC proposals are shared in the conference call.

A gist of Proposals is sent earlier as

Votes Taken  via the call as well as google form:

Proposal 1 : Yes (from all 4)

comment - Please create a document later on the responsibilities of Secretary as far as interactions with Chapter are considered.

Proposal 2 :

Q1 : Yes (from all 4)

comment - Please make sure with the chapter they start planning for next year in advance after receiving the funding assistance. These funds should be treated as giving the concerned chapters more time to budget their projects and give advanced notice to their NGO partners for future commitment changes. 

Q2 : Option C (3- AM, PS, AB), Option A (GS)

comment : We need to know what constitutes as smaller amounts, is there a definition for smaller amounts?

Q3: Option A (from all 4)

Q4 : Option A (1 - AB), Option B (3 - PS, AM, GS)

Q5 : Option A (1 - GS) , Option B (3 -  AB,AM, PS)

comment : Please make chapter pay back funds after second year if they have two consecutive years of good fundraising

Q6 : No consensus reached as such. 2 for E2 only, 1 for E1, 1  Abstain

Proposal 3 :

Q1 : Yes (from all 4)

Q2 : Yes (from all 4) 

Q3 : No (3), 1 Abstain (GS)

=> Volunteers thought the definition of volunteer is not clear in this question. Every Chapter has a support group like runners, long-term donors, buyers of tickets for events etc. But they may not attend meetings regularly. The volunteers holding roles may be less than 6 with one vol acting as ARC rep and Coordinator at the same time, webmaster and project coord etc. 

Q4: 2 No & 2 Abstain

=> Not clear if conference call is considered a meeting. Atlanta Chapter has volunteers spread out around Atlanta and many a times they can not meet that regularly if there is no event. Majority thought in such case, 2 physical meetings are enough to discuss projects, plan events. During events usually meetings happen every week/every 2 weeks.

Q5 : Abstain - 4

=> Not clear what is meant by low fundraising. It should be defined as a at least % yearly project commitment in case the money in the bank is less than the funds sent last year. If it is the other way, it should not be considered. Some chapters with lots of money in the bank can focus on projects rather than events & that should not discouraged.

Q6: Yes - 4

=> Given it is a soft criterion. However, smaller chapters with 1/2 project may have a slight delay in fund disbursal and there can be a simple case of not sending funds in 12 months. 

Q7: Yes -4

Q8: NO -2 (AB, GS); Yes -2 (AM, PS)

=> It is not clear what is called participation. In some cases, Chapter coordinator can read the materials sent in asha-wide groups and take it back to their chapter. That does not demand the vols to participate in call unless central teams want to talk to the vols in that chapter.

Also, it is mentioned awareness is important across chapters and attending calls may help that. 

Q9: Yes - 4

Q10: No - 4 (if the money is fixed to $10K ) ; Yes to giving seed money if it is reduced to 3K or less.

=> There is always a risk involved in new chapters to lead by group of people who support an NGO they are personally involved in. To avoid such conflict of interest, the seed money should be lower than $10K. To start  a project, one needs 2-3K.

Q11: Yes - 4

Proposal 4:

Q1: Option A - 4 

=> Central Treasury team can maintain the good practices.

Q2:Option I - 4

Q3: Option I -3 (PS, AM, GS), Option III - 1 (AB)

=> Option II and III both are good options. However, given the expenses associated here are equally important to all chapter, option III is fair to all chapters.

=> Vote for option I was justified using similar approach as Q2 because for smaller chapters, the division may become sizeable to their yearly income and can never be covered.

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