Here are the meeting minutes from April 2016 Meeting.

10 April 2016
Asha Colorado monthly meeting at Priya’s
Attending: Jim, Priya, Sheetal
On phone: Sandeep
The website is up and information is posted on two websites, RunColorado and
Nothing has been done on sponsorships yet.  Priya thinks we should concentrate on recruiting more runners rather than on getting sponsorships since we lack volunteers, not money.
Sandeep’s friend visited Prayas a week or so ago.  Construction is going smoothly.  The teachers have been retained.  They are providing midday meals now.  Sandeep will send a report.  They are ready for the next installment of funds.  The chapter voted unanimously to send $6500 to Prayas as soon as possible. The chapter also approved  INR 18,000 ($270) to buy three sets of 138 Bengali books.
Sheethal took minutes last month.  Priya will post them.
Priya will update the website.
We still do not know how much money we got through WAH.
Priya will try to link the atto-across -India to our website.
Everybody wants to have a Shobana performance in Denver.  We will wait to see the budget.  Jim will email the organizer to let him know.

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