Attendees : Ranga, Sowmya, Vikram, and Mohit

Chapter has started using for screen sharing and conference call. 

Project Checklist & Disbursal - Ranga

Ranga sent out a sample checklist for the disbursement process. Once the following pre-requisites are complete, Ranga will fill out an online form to finish the checklist. 

Prerequisites for the checklist are - 

  1. Having an approved FCRA or an FCRA Prior Permission. (This is a Legal Requirement enforced by Govt of India and cannot be waived)
  2. Having a proposal/budget from the project for the current year. (This is an Asha requirement)
  3. Having an approval from your chapter. Capture results of the chapter vote using an online poll or mention the details in minutes of the chapter meeting. (This is an Audit requirement as well as an Asha requirement)
  4. Having a recent site visit report. Usually within the last 18 months (This is an Asha requirement)
  5. Recipient Bank Info

#2, #3, #4 are to be uploaded in the project website.#1 and #5 are taken care of in the admin page for existing projects.

Disbursal Process - Funds are sent through a process that requires filling out an online form & having it approved by these 4 people

  1. Chapter Project Coordinator
  2. Chapter Treasurer
  3. Asha wide Projects Coordinator (aka Projects Team)
  4. Asha wide Treasurer (aka Treasury Team)

Asha Wiki has complete documentation on this topic - link
Uday Pathshala, Girirajpura - Mohit

  1. Mohit presented an proposal for Girirajpura school - link
  2. The proposal has an updated budget and answer to RTE compliance question
  3. RTE Compliance
    1. School is affiliated with the State Board.
    2. They are mostly compliant except for Infrastructure part, mainly due to lack of resources
  4. Updated Budget
    1. There are some items that were not included in the previous year's budget. Recently, after discussion with Project Partners, GSK has decided to have one common budget across all partners. So more line items have showed up due to that. 
    2. Q : Travel expenses have gone up from Rs. 500 to Rs 3000. Mohit to understand the reason. 
  5. Once we have answer to the above questions, Mohit will setup an online vote. 

Wordpress Asha Austin website - Mohit

  1. Our new website is at
  2. Go to and login using 
  3. Mohit can email the password separately to whoever needs it. At a later stage we all can have our own logins. 
  4. Refer to New Chapter Wesbite - Workflow Wiki (login:, i can email you the password if you dont have it) 
  5. If we have questions, we can get help from website team.
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