Discussion items

15 minGRRYogi
  • $10 charge for GRR
    • Before March 1st, if the runners are not able to raise 50$/100$ in donations, they will not be guaranteed a ride for GRR. After March 1st, an email could be sent to these dormant runners saying that we would provide those rides and T shirts for 10$.
    • Announcement can be made that T shirts are available for purchase.
40 minFORWORD BudgetShivashankar Halan
  • Working with them for 8 years now.
  • 13 evening learning centers in suburban areas of Chennai, operating from 5.30pm – 8 pm.
  • One at Elappakkam started just recently, about a month ago.
  • Around 400 students, more like a tuition center.
  • Psycho socio program
  • Budget details were disussed item by item
  • Few queries have been raised and Shiva will get answers
  • One question was how should we learn from such projects more. What have they achieved, what improvements can be made, how their findings/methods can be applied to other projects
10 minWho can use Asha nameShivashankar Halan
  • If we use SG money for an event, we are not allowed to collect any registration fee for the conduct of that particular event.

Action items

  • Shivashankar Halan to get answers to questions for the budget by next meeting 
  • Anand Radhakrishnan to get work on the discuss shramdan expenses  
  • Devesh Chugh to get in touch with Dr Kumaran and organize a session with their students who visited various projects  

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