• Priya Kongara

  • Asha Colorado monthly meeting, 15 May 2016 at Priya’s house
    Attending: Jim, Priya, Sheetal
    By phone: Aneetha, Sandeep


Discussion items



1hr 30minsARCJIm
  • Votes
    We voted on the ARC proposals with these results:
    Proposal 1(A) Yes
    Proposal 1(B) Change as described
    Proposal 1(D1) $10K
    Proposal 1(D2) Yes
    Proposal 1(D3) Yes, split equally
    Proposal 1(D4) Yes, split $500K
    Proposal 1(D5)  Strategize a mechanism
    Proposal 2 Yes
    Proposal 3 A2, B2, C2
    Proposal 4 Yes
    Proposal 5 Yes
    All votes were unanimous except that the vote on 1(D4) was 4 in favor, 1 against.
    We also agreed to endorse all candidates for the central team.


Few registrations so far, and registration is critical.  Race will start earlier than last year.  Will have balloon-twister, face-painters for kids.  Will have food.
Sandeep will reach out to Vinodh, the sound equipment man.  Jim will recruit old volunteers to help out.
Next chapter meeting 5 June.
 PudiyadorAneethaAneetha will send a proposal and site-visit report.
They have adult education in our building when the migrant brick workers are not around.  Priya noted that we need to assure that the primary use is by the children.  We also need confirmation that the Thulika books arrived.
 VidyodayaJimJim will get confirmation that the Thulika books have arrived.

Action items


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