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  • 2016/08 Colorado Meeting minutes Aug 14th 2016





Discussion items

  • An innovative program for the teenagers. It will be an alternative education programs for kids in grades 8-12 to reduce the drop outs. The expense for jeeps is for the regular school programs and rest of the expenses in the proposal is towards the new program. Discussed how to get more quantitative results to make sure the experimental program is a success. Vidyodaya sent a 35 page document with all the details of the program.
  • Do you approve sending 10,07800 towards the expenses for jeeps and the new foundation course for youth programs for next 12 months - Jim - Yes, Aneetha -yes, priya - yes, sheetal -yes. Provided we get additional details on the trainees during and after the program for better monitoring.
  • Aneetha will be making an onsite visit and  bringing in proposal for 2016-2017 school year in next months meeting.
  • We will wait to vote on the Prayas proposal till we get more details/photos from the school and get some of the questions on budget answered.Need more details on their success, numbers of kids they were able to enroll, methods being used.
  • Colorado chapter will be getting $1200 from WAH fundraising.

Action items

  • Jim to pass on the questions to MrRamdas
  • Priya and Jim to put in the funding request for vidyodaya.

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