15 Jan 2017

Asha Colorado monthly meeting at Sheetal’s

Attending: Jim, Priya, Sheetal

On phone: Sandeep

We all got the Prayas annual report the morning of the meeting.

There was discussion of the future of the chapter.  We have about $39,000 so we can continue for one or two years.  It may not be feasible to continue beyond that.

The big need is to recruit more volunteers.  We agreed to work on a “donor dinner” as a recruiting event.  We chose Sunday, 2 April as a tentative date.  Jim will invite old volunteers and urge them to invite others.  Priya will do Facebook recruiting.

We never got a proposal from Pudiyador in 2016.  Jim will talk to Swapnaa about it.  Sandeep thinks we should keep Pudiyador on our list.

We have not heard about Vamsee’s friend who was crossing India by atto to raise funds for Asha colorado and other causes.

Sandeep will forward information on a promising project.


Projected Budget numbers for 2017:
Agree : 3 Votes (Jim, Priya, Sheetal) Disagree: 0 Votes Abstain : 0
Chapter Income:
Donation Income (Not from Events) : $3000
Grants : $0
Fundraising Income at Events : $500
Non-Donation Income(Costs of Goods sold, ticket Sales etc) : $1500

Chapter Expenses :
Project Disbursements : 15K fro Viyodaya + 15k for Pudiyador +5k for PRAYAS
Event Expenses : $500
Administrative and General Expenses : $200
Fundraising Expenses(non-event related): $0
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