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Mentoring Ideas:-

Type A:- Occasional Career Development “type” Sessions. In a session, there could be a group of Asha volunteers on this side of internet and on the other side, there would be group of Sahanivisa kids. During the session, kids from India can ask career related questions and volunteers from US here can try to answer them.


Type B:- Regular One-o-one mentoring.  Here we pair a kid in India with one or more mentors (Asha volunteers) here.

Mentor and mentee can set up regular online meeting time (once a month to more often, as time permits on their sides) during which mentoring will happen. Any available technology (internet,  phone, skype, whatsap, emails, etc) can be used for communication. Mentoring topics can include guidance with current classes, preparation for future entrance exams, career development advices, etc. Mentor can also physically visit the mentee in long run.

To ensure security, we can create a mentoring webserver through which all communications would happen. After a session, the transcript of the session will be made available to admins to keep a check that nothing inappropriate happened during the session.

In the beginning, we can experiment this between Sahanivasa project stewards and a small pool of kids with Sahanivisa. We can try this for say 3 months and re-evaluate he program.

Potential of long-distance e-mentoring:- I assume volunteers here in Boston have loads of valuable advice to share with kids.

Potential resources:- dotlearn.org 


Regular Skype Meetings with Sahanivasa Leaders:-

  • Will help in being more engaged with the project
  • Atleast 15-30 mins


Compile resources (say online; obtained at subsidized prices) to help prepare for entrance exams (such as engineering, medical, arts, government, etc)

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  1. Another suggestion:  we could offer to mentor the Sahanivasa teachers.  They know the kids and their aspirations and they can ask for specific advice to guide a specific kid.  Remember these are kids up to the 10th grade level, most of them are not career minded yet, they are more involved in getting through school successfully and potentially move on to the pre-university level - 11th & 12th grade.  Guidance & help to the teachers would empower the teachers to be more effective with their students which in turn would benefit more kids in the long run.

    My 2 cents!