Attending: Jim, Sheetal 

On phone: Sandeep, Aneetha


Discussion items

ARC proposal concerning fellows compensation
  • Jim voted no, because 40,000 rupees per month is several times as much as the teachers at our schools make and not even the proposer seemed to care about this proposal. Neither Jim nor Sheetal could find out basic information about the fellows program even though Jim emailed the proposer.
    Sandeep voted yes, observing that the people proposing it probably had good reasons.
    Aneetha, Sheetal, and Kedar voted to abstain because we lack the information to make a decision.
    Thus the chapter’s vote is “abstain”.
    Aneetha suggested that we tell the people in charge of ARC voting that the chapter is willing to change its vote in case we get more information, but Jim and Sheetal don’t know any address to send that message to.
 Shishur Sevay 
We discussed a proposal from this school.  

When asked whether the school gets support elsewhere besides Asha Colorado, Sandeep reported that it gets money from local government and other Asha chapters.  The founder, Dr. Michelle Harrison, also puts in a lot of her own money.
Sandeep volunteered to be the project steward for Shishur Sevay.
Aneetha urged us to “start small” with $5000 to start.
All present agreed to make Shishur Sevay one of our Asha Colorado projects, probably sending them $5000 this year, but all wish to consult with the treasurer before making this decision official.
 Pudiyador Aneetha will send a Pudiyador proposal soon.  It will probably a request for $16,000 since we sent them nothing last year.
 5k run/walk event This is on hold until the website is revived.  Aneetha volunteered to join those working on the website.

Action items


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