Attendees: Kedar and Sandeep on the phone; Sheetal and Jim at Sheetal’s house.


Discussion items

  • Removing the hold on our funds –

    a. We were not aware of the ARC proposal in the Fall. We must make a commitment to
    regularly participate in ARC proposals going forward and monitor the email
    account to get the hold removed. This was an honest miss on our part. We will commit
    to doing these things going forward.

    b. Jim to write up an email and others to provide feedback on how to approach the Central
    team to request removing the hold on Colorado’s funds.

  • We will vote on the ARC proposal in the April meeting. Sheetal will send out an email to us with

    the proposal for our review. We will review in the April meeting. Final version sent after April

    16 th . We need to have our vote by May 15.

  • Sheetal volunteers for coordinating ARC proposals for the Colorado chapter going forward –

    Voted Sheetal ARC coordinator on 3/12

  1. We then filled out the chapter health questionnaire.
  2. Who will be the chapter coordinator for Asha Colorado? This is still undecided.
  3. Kedar to keep an eye on email every day.
  4. We need to recruit volunteers. Priya can explain better in the April meeting. 
  5. Fund collection that we hope to do this year – 5k, WAH. Vamsee had said that he will be donating $2000.
  6. Let’s have this as a target now. That way it is matched by Central. Vamsee mentioned that very thing. Let’s at least get $2000 among Asha volunteers.
 PRAYAS Sandeep talked about the reports for Prayas’ progress.

Insurance policy for the park booking – we need to send some papers to the Central for

the insurance policy – We can get details from Priya in the April meeting.

 Shishu Seva  

1)      Looking into sponsoring Shishu Seva. Asha had already funded it before. Sandeep to send some information on it and we can see if we can fund it. We will see the proposal and then the we will vote on how much we can fund them.

Action items


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