Attendees: Sheetal, Priya, Jim: At Sheetal’s house; Kedar, Suren, Sandeep: On the phone.


Discussion items

  1. Priya will complete the FY2017 General Funds Share Questionnaire today. The deadline to submit it is April 23rd.


1)      ARC proposal (the deadline is May 17)

Asha Colorado voted as follows:

(1)    Default Option for Donations:

Question 1: Use donor address or company address (if applicable and donor address absent) to associate a donation to chapter that is in closest vicinity (in case of multiple chapter) within a radius.

Option 1: Donations from Zip codes in 25-mile radius of a chapter should go to it by default

Option 2: Donations from Zip codes in 50-mile radius of a chapter should go to it by default

Option 3: Donations from same state of a chapter should go to it by default

Option 4: Stay with current approach of all defaults going to GF

The Asha Colorado Team unanimously voted for Option 4, that is, to stay with the current approach of all defaults going to GF.

Question 2:  Use single Asha registration for all interfaces and get rid of all chapter specific interfaces except for the one from chapter website. It would simplify donation experience for donors and reduce complexity for treasury.

Option 1: Change to new model

Option 2: Stay with current model

The Asha Colorado Team unanimously voted for Option 1, which is to change to the new model. We feel that it is better to rely on one main donation page.  

(2)    Proposed Changes to Asha Fellowship Program.

The main proposal is to increase the stipend amount and travel allowances.

Since these funds are coming from the General Funds, Sheetal will ask Central more details on how many volunteers are going to be awarded the fellowship. Asha Colorado will defer the voting on this question until its May 2017 monthly meeting.

 Asha Colorado Annual 5K run 
  1. Usually we do this on the 3rd Saturday in June. However, since Priya is traveling for two weeks prior to the event, and that we still need to set up our website, we will see if we can do this either on the last Saturday in June or maybe for 15th August.
  2. Priya to ask the park on dates available for the run, checking on insurance policy for the event.
  3. Kedar to look into setting up the registration for the event.
 Sishur Sevay 
  1. Sandeep sent out information on Shishur Sevay in March. The project needs funding for Operating expenses. We will review and request details for Sandeep. We will review the proposal and discuss in the May meeting. After 12 noon Priya reported that we have about $39,000 in our account, not including about $11000 expected General Fund split.
    Sandeep suggested $5000 as the amount to send to Shishur Sevay

Action items


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