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  • Asha Atlanta/Asha GT Chapter Meeting June 07, 2017


Wednesday, 06.07.2017

Student Center Room 359


  1. Anuradha Bulusu

  2. Anusha Harish

  3. Prasoon Suchandra

  4. Anish Mukherjee

  5. Tapomayukh Bhattacharjee

  6. Bahnishika Dutta

  7. Hema Selvakumar

  8. Mrunal Dehankar

  9. Shashidhar Ravishankar


Last Meeting Follow-up

New Business

  1. SSK site visit by Anusha Harish

  2. Vote on SSK budget for 2017-2018

  3. Discuss funding Lok Chetana Samithi


  • Meeting to commence at 7pm Wednesday, 7th of June 2017, at Student Center room no. 359.

  • Anusha gives overview of SSK site visit

  • Asha funds SSK’s education program

  • There were no children due to summer

  • Doctors were present at the meeting

  • Assessment takes about 5 hours

  • They have special counselling for the parents

  • They describe some home activities and exercises.

  • Schedule follow up visit (once a week upto 2-3 month)

  • They do home visits for some children, especially if they are enrolled in the special school

  • They also tie up with other health organization.

  • Anish - how is asha money utilized?

  • For education program and outreach program for low income families, and the assessment of children by the doctors

  • The cost comes to about 2000 per children and Asha funds half the cost for each child.

  • Last year they assessed 395 children and Asha sent 3000000. This year the cost has been bumped to 5000000.

  • Anish - Is it only for assessment?

  • Yes, but the budget has been bumped to leave the excess on their discretion

  • Tapo- How are the doctors hired?

  • Some of them are pro bono and some of them are associated with other hospital

  • One of the officials asked whether Asha could cover a deficit of 25,00,000, which they are not able to cover from the other source of funding that they have.

  • Tapo - What is the deficit? Where does this come from?

  • SSK hasn’t given any more details, this will discussed with them.

  • This deficit can be covered by Asha if more details are given, since there is an excess of funds.

  • Bani - If they do not have 80G clearance, how long does the process take?

  • Four to five years, for FCRA and 80G clearance.

  • Bani - Asha does not have an outreach in the NE of India, due to maybe a lack of FCRA clearance.

  • Anu - Due to naxal insurgency, it becomes very difficult to fund an NGO without creating problems on the ground

  • Tapo - why do ask for 5lakhs when they have a deficit of 25lakhs?

  • Anu- It is not very clear, it will be followed upon

  • Vote on SSK budget: All vote yes to approve INR. 5,00,000 to SSK for 2017-2018

  • Abhyuday Mandal was not present during the meeting, but voted yes later. Total Yes votes: 9+1

  • Anu - Let’s move to Lok Chetana Samiti

  • Nand Lal master has been working in UP for a long time, working on right to education, girl education

  • His wife is Ranju Singh who also has a NGO, which runs a shelter for Mushar community girls.

  • Overall literacy rates in this community is about 6%, within the women it’s less than 2%

  • This NGO works with women and girls from this community to train them enough to adjust into the government school curriculum

  • A spain based NGO funded the building for this shelter

  • But now they are asking for the functioning of the shelter.

  • Nand Lal master showed interest in the Hijli type gender sensitive workshop. He wanted the teachers in the shelter to undergo the training.

  • That will happen eventually, but to get the ball rolling we are going to looking into funding the operation costs for the shelter.

  • First year operations cost are approx. 10 lakh adding up to ~ 30 lakhs over three years.

  • Shashi -  Is there a better way to track the progress of the children?

  • The initial lack of information was due to the the fact that the hostel was not established at that time, now that it is in place, we hope to have better metrics.

  • There is will an ARC vote to set  metrics to follow up on the progress of the children.

  • Anish - Are they doing anything to reintegrate into the society?

  • Right now they are focusing on getting the girl education at least to an 8th grade level, reintegration to society hasn’t arisen yet.

  • Similar issues were faced with Nishtha jagaran as well in the beginning, such as child marriage etc, this will take some time to resolve.

  • Anish - Is the goal here to ensure a safe environment within the government schools to study?

  • Anu-That’s the goal initially.

  • Vote on Lok Chetana Samithi : Everyone votes yes to approve transfer of INR. 10,95,000 for 2017-2018.

  • Anusha -  SSK is trying assistive technology for the children, they have trial sessions and a lot of work to test this system. Maybe Asha can look into funding this initiative

Action Items

  • Find out from SSK about the 25 lakh deficit

  • Access to Asha projects list for AshaGT volunteers

  • Prepare a list of areas that AshaGT volunteers can consistently do site visits

  • Inquire with SSK if they need any support for the assistive technology initiative.

Next Meeting Agenda Items

  • Gender sensitivity vote

  • Bani’s site visit report

  • Discuss the stewardship for AshaGT .

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