Discussion items

  • We do have around 52k in the chapter's account, after funding PRAYAS 9.2k and Approving Vidyodaya around 15.7k we will be left with around 27k. We still need to fund Pudiyodar for this year which will determine if we have required funds for a new project.(Dr Michelle)
 Shishur Sevay 
  • Chapter needs to figure out if there is enough funds to take this up.(In the past before we had all the numbers we discussed sending 5k for this project)
  • Sandeep needs to present the Chapter with the proposal.

  • Vidyodaya has requested for INR10,24,465.00 for the foundation course which includes boarding, lodging, education and training in vocational skills for 15 students. This also includes the amount INR2,56,645 for the transportation as we have been doing in past years.
  • Question : Do you agree to send INR10,24,465.00 (around $15.7k) for the foundation course for 15 students and transportation for the year 2017-18. Votes : Priya, Sheetal, Jim, Suren voted YES.
  • We discussed details from Jim's questions and Vidyodaya's answers regarding their goal and achievements form last year.
  • Priya uploaded the site visit report to wiki page.- Site Visit Report July 2017
 New ARC proposal for 2017 Cycle 2Sheetal
  • Sheetal will forward the proposal to the group. At this point central is just seeking feedback, it is not up for voting yet.
 Chapter AgreementSheetal
  • We discussed the confusion around chapter agreement from a week ago. We are in clear for now to continue with funding the schools.
  • The school should have received an amount of $9211.55 - INR 5,81,000.00.
  • We still need to have the website up and running

Action items

  • Sandeep Sarkar - Confirm from PRAYAS that they received the funds and get the receipt.
  • Aneetha Jayaraman - Aneetha needs to let the chapter know if Pudiyador needs funding for this year.
  • Sheetal Patil - Forward the ARC proposal to the group
  • Priya Kongara - To check with Kedar on the website.
  • Jim Cavender - To start a checklist for funding Vidyodaya.

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