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Chapter Funds All

    • The chapter will almost run out of money after funding the three main projects next year(2018) if we don't raise any more money.
    • WAH is a good medium to focus all our fund raising efforts into. Chapter to plan on raising >5k during WAH.
    • Aneetha will work on publishing a link to Asha page on her friend's funding website.
    • Priya to send details on WAH 2017
    • Aneetha wants to talk about on-line fund-raising at the next meeting.  She says we need to do better fund-raising but events are inefficient.  Sandeep reminded us of WAH.  Priya will check on WAH matching rules.  She will send us the WAH calendar.  Sandeep reminded us to tell donors to choose the Colorado chapter when donating to WAH on line.  Aneetha’s friend works at a start-up similar to GoFunding.  Asha Colorado should participate.  Aneetha will get started on that.



Kedar is working on the website and needs information on all the different projects. All the project owners were requested to share all the recont info with Kedar(documents, link to material). Priya will send the links to material already posted on Asha wiki page. Aneetha and Priya offered time to complete the website as Kedar needs it. The website needs to be completed by November for the chapter to exists according to the new ARC cycle 2 proposal.

Kedar needs information on projects.

  • Aneetha shared the proposal
  • Discussion - The proposal lacks details and the chapter needs to decide on the amount that we can fund from their requirement of 37k. Priya - The project website shows that they had a funding of about 22k from San Francisco chapter in Nov 2016. Aneetha will find out details on if the same chapter will be interested in funding the same amount this year too. Aneetha will also send detailed budget if available and a site visit report as needed.
  • Aneetha will check with San Francisco chapter: How much are they giving Pudiyador?  She will send the chapter an email when she gets the information.  (they also get money from Cornell.)  We postponed making a decision on funding Pudiyador.


Sishur Sevay

  • The proposal and budget was put up for discussion
  • Discussion : The organization projected budget numbers shows a requirement for INR ~54lacs but they have received funds of INR~18lacs last year. The administrative expenses and the number of teachers seems to be on the high end. Sandeep to send this feedback to Dr Harrison to better understand the budget /spending. Sishur Sevay seems to be a high cost and high quality org, but the chapter acknowledges the good work the organization have done and the awards they have received. Chapter approves to send  the amount of INR 3,38,250 ofr the year 2017-2018 which covers salaries for art,music and dance teachers; books and other educational supplies; internet expenses. Votes : Yes - 5(Aneetha, Kedar, Jim, Priya, Sandeep), Abstain -1(Sheetal via email)
  • The budget is in Sandeep’s 30 July email.  The cost per pupil is high.  We can only support a fraction of their needs.  All present voted to send Rs 338,000 to Shishur.  Sandeep will ask Shishur about last year’s  budget.
 ARC Proposals : 

Group discussed all the ARC proposals. The general perception in the chapter is that more power seems to be moving towards the central from individual chapters. The new proposed changes are more in favor of bigger chapter and the concerns of smaller chapters is not being heard.

  1. Raising Quorum :
    1. We need to let central know that it is not feasible for us to have 6 votes for every project approval considering how small our chapter is. Need to possibly team up with other small chapters like Asha Toledo to explain central the concerns that a small chapter has.
  2.  Internal Audit Committee Reform
    1. We recommend the audit committee having more members from the treasury committee than board of directors.
    2. We would like to understand why making the reports public is at the discretion of the board of directors.
  3. Collecting Input Metrics annually from all Asha Projects
    1. The Inputs metrics is a very long list and manually putting it together by pulling information from a lot of other documents seems inefficient.
    2. We thing about 30% of the listed metrics shouls be mandatory and could be made as part of a project proposal and the rest in a good to have list.
  4. Chapter Lifecycle Criteria and Non-Compliance Reform
    1. We would like to see the 'Roles and Responsibilities Agreement' to be part of the ARC proposal.
    2. All the new requirements is adding a lot of administrative overload and we like to see central work with small chapters like us to come up with creative ideas on how to handle these.
  • The deadline for submitting comments on the four proposals is 15 August.
  • Aneetha says we are being treated the way minorities are often treated.  We need to establish a dialog with Central.  We should stand up to Central, push back.  Jim is glad to hear someone else say that the Asha ideal of flat organization is being eroded. 
  • Other discussion about the proposals: 
  • We should reach out to Toledo, another small chapter that shares some of our opinions on the proposals. 
  • An ARC email id exists. 
  • The Input Metrics “should be a nice-to-have,” not a requirement.  There should a spreadsheet or something to ease the reporting.  Some projects do not have clerical capacity to report the information requested.

Action items

  • Priya Kongara - Check the details on WAH campaign and share it with the group.




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