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  • Asha Atlanta ARC Cycle 2 & Projects Meeting October 26, 2017



  1. Shashidhar Ravishankar
  2. Arkadeep Kumar
  3. Anusha Harish
  4. Dhwanil Shukla
  5. Anuradha Bulusu
  6. Anish Mukherjee
  7. Shruti Lall
  8. Mayank Agarwal
  9. Akshaya Natarajan
  10. Saylee


  1. Voting on Hijli Inspiration’s Gender Sensitivity proposal
  2. Voting on ARC proposals

Last Meeting Follow-up: None


Hijli Inspiration: Gender sensitivity workshops proposal voting

  • Proposal:
  • Anu provided some history and background regarding the gender sensitivity and equity workshops conducted on behalf of Asha Atlanta at Hijli Inspiration. Referred to the previous meeting where the proposal was discussed.
  • Shashi: How different is the current proposal from the previous set of workshops?
  • Anu: The previous set of workshops involved only boys aged 9-15 years. However, the evaluator (Sonal Zaveri) with whom we were in talks regarding evaluating the workshops provided reports that showed that other NGOs (for e.g. ECF in Pune) had conducted the workshops for both boys and girls and even their immediate family. It appears that this in this new proposal, Hijli Inspiration has incorporated some of the learning from the reports by Sonal Zaveri which is encouraging.
  • Dhwanil: Will it be the same set of students each year?
  • Anu: Yes, that is the goal. Though we may have to be realistic given that we are dealing with a migrant community, we should expect to see some dropouts.
  • Vote on budget: All vote YES to approve INR. 5,11,500 to Hijli Inspiration to conduct Gender Sensitivity Workshops for 2017-2018
  1. Yes – 9
  2. No – 0
  3. Notes: (a) Abhyuday Mandal was not present during the meeting but voted later via email. (b) Two new volunteers did not vote.


ARC proposals voting


A.    Raising Quorum


  1. Does the chapter approve of the increase in the minimum volunteers voting in a decision to fund a project from 3 to 6, with the caveat that the Central Projects Team will step in to help smaller chapters with low volunteer count meet the new minimum whenever needed? 
  • Note: Lots of questions and discussion regarding the definition of the quorum and how it would affect the majority vote numbers if increased from 50% to 2/3
  • Q: If the chapter is too small, are there enough volunteers in the Central Projects Team to help reach the minimum quorum requirement?
  • Anu – There are about 4 people in the Central Projects Team. Since the minimum requirement for a chapter to exist is 6 volunteers, meeting the quorum requirements won’t be a problem.
  • All vote yes to increase the minimum volunteers voting requirement:

                                 i.         Yes – 8

                                ii.         No – 0


2. Does the chapter approve of the changing the minimum percentage of "Yes" votes required to fund a project to 2/3 of the voting members, raised from 50%, to make it consistent with the voting requirements for BoD in our bylaws?

  • Notes: If a project is passed with just 50% “yes” votes, it does not instill a lot of confidence in the project.  
  • All vote yes to change the minimum percentage of “yes” votes
    •          Yes – 8
    •          No – 0


3. Does the chapter approve of there being a threshold after which point quorum requirements should be higher?

  • Notes: : Lot of discussion regarding how voting and quorums work in general. Situations at other chapters, what an average disbursement amount looks like for a reasonably big chapter vs small chapters etc.
  • Shashi - Considering how much Asha Atlanta disburses annually, if a chapter has to disburse more than $40,000-$50,000 for a single project, more approvals would be better.
  • Anish - Would the Central Projects Team step in here too to help meet the higher requirement numbers for smaller projects
  • Anu – yes
  • All vote YES for higher quorum requirements for total annual disbursements over 1.0% of annual Asha-wide disbursements for the prior year for one projectYes: 0

a – Yes: 0

b – Yes: 0

c – Yes: 8

d – Yes: 0


4. Does the chapter approves the changes to Section 1B (Site Visits) of the Project Policies?

  • All vote yes to approve the changes

                                 i.         Yes – 8

                                ii.         No – 0

5. Does the chapter approves the changes to Section 1D (Other Guidelines) of the Project Policies?

  • All vote yes to approve the changes

                                 i.         Yes – 8

                                ii.         No – 0


B.    Internal Audit Committee Reform

  • Spent some time explaining and discussing the role and activities of the Internal Audit Committee.
  • All vote yes to approve the changes to the Asha for Education Internal Audit Committee

Yes – 8

No – 0

 C.    Collecting Input Metrics annually from all Asha Projects

  • All volunteers agreed that it is a good idea to collect input metrics.
  • Arkadeep: Most questions in the input metrics form are questions we get all the time when we try to recruit new volunteers and also when we solicit donations. This will give us more information when me pitch Asha to outsiders.
  • This might also make it easier for volunteers doing site visits to ask relevant questions. We could give the project partners this questionnaire to fill out during our site visits.
  • All vote yes to approve collecting input metrics annually from all projects
    • Yes – 8
    • No – 0

 D.    Chapter Lifecycle Criteria and Non-Compliance Reform

  • Spent some time discussing and understanding the proposal.
  • All vote yes to approve the changes to the Chapter Lifecycle Criteria and Non-Compliance protocol

                                                   i.         Yes – 8

                                                  ii.         No – 0

Action Items

  1. Website management access meeting to be scheduled
  2. List of volunteers travelling to India in December available for site visits

Next Meeting Agenda Items

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