Discussion items

  • Sheetal asked how a school in India applies to Asha for funding.  Nobody knew, but Priya reminded us that the school will need FCRA certification first.
   Kedar has sent Priya login-type information for the website so Priya can work on it.  She will send this to Sandeep so he can also work on it.  Priya will let other volunteers know what’s needed from them.  She thinks it will be adequate by late November.
   Funding is done for both Bengal projects and for Vidyodaya.  Pudiyador remains.  Jim will send the Vidyodaya receipt to Priya
   Sandeep says we need more WAH donations.  This year we can’t seem to track WAH progress as we did in the past.
   We must have a November meeting to do ARC voting.

Action items


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