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  • Asha Austin Meeting Minutes - 7th November 2017

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  • Q&A from Girirajpura School update (GSK)
  • Mathru Foundation updates. 

Discussion items

30 minQ&A from Girirajpura School update (GSK)Mohit Sood
  • Does the school provide food for the children?
    • School does not provide food for children
    • The categorization is based on WHO metrics for children
    • Some anecdotal information : Most children don't have breakfast before they come to school. They go home for lunch. Their main meal ends up being Dinner.
    • Feedback was given to parents and has been received positively.
  • Room construction
    • They have sent a broader proposal to ASED (Action for Support of Deprived Children), Geneva. A representative visited all the schools.
    • Main concern with Girirajpura is that villagers still don't have land rights. They are working with government & forest dept on that actively. Currently GSK, villagers and forest department have a good understanding.
    • Also found that the community of 43 families are moving in Mar/April 2018.
  • Fund Utilization : How much excess funds do they anticipate ? Would they like to designate that for room construction now or later ?
    • The first quarter, they typically disburse 2 months salary since it is given after the month is over. So, for April, they will give salary on May 1st, 2017. In last quarter, they pay 4 months salary. So for Mar, they give salary on Mar 31st.
    • I explained how they would have about excess of INR 92k if we send the remaining amount of INR 5,08,000. Also pointed out that the budget amount has reduced from INR 12.17 lakhs to 11.93 lakhs. They don't anticipate any more shortfall than that.
    • Their next meeting is on Nov 15th. They do plan to buy additional Teaching and Learning material. So, they would like to get back to us in Jan/Feb next year how they want to utilize the additional funds.
30 minMathru foundationArvind Rao 

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