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  • The Minutes of the meeting : Proposal for Pre professional guidance center at Asha Mumbai.


Members present

Mr Ramchandran 

Anita Menon

Rekha Bose

Smiat Puniyani

Abhishek kumar

Suranjan Sen

It was observed during the last two years that students once they clear 10 th board exams are searching for the opportunity to get into coaching classes to be able to appear and suceed in the competitive exams for various professional courses.

While preparing them for 10 th board we find the urgent need to create the facility for the same for underprivileged children.

The regular commercial coaching ceters are demanding huge sums of money which beyond the reach of the students we are catering to.

It was suggested by Mr Ramchandran  and accepted well by all that such a center will definitely be helpful and could become a model for others to pursue. It was decided to put up a proposal for the same  to ASHA treasury  and to other corporates for the funds.

Suranjan has been assigned to write the proposal for the further pursual.


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