Tihar Jail Project Meeting

March 8, 2018


Project Stewards: Mihir Joshi, Varsha Sundar

Samarpan Foundation: humanitarian welfare, well established

Eight schools in Delhi, also working to bring justice to inmates and their families

43% of prisoners illiterate, only 7% graduated from high school

Pay for house rent, education, rations for inmates’ families, job training for wives

Biggest jail complex in South Asia


Jails 2, 3, 4, and 7 (⅔ of prisoners in Tihar have not yet stepped into a courtroom)


Funding history:

  1. Usually about $10K

  2. Last year sent $20K

  3. Still going through funds from last year

  4. Sent $5K last fall for SF Schools project


Every year, get permits in January to work in the complex, but this year, did not get it

Got some permits to support literacy, dance classes, and “life classes”

This year, hope to support families linked to the jail, such as single mother households

Support them for two years so they can support themselves

Also want to help elderly folks who have no younger breadwinners to support them


In Tihar, work is supported solely by Asha for Education

Outside the jail complex (i.e. families, Delhi schools, etc.), work is supported by individual donors, mostly located within India

They want other Asha chapters to fund other parts of the project, but currently we are the other Asha chapter funding Tihar Jail


Life skills class teaches basic literacy

2017: SF supported 15 inmate families and 11 destitute women (i.e. widows, women abandoned by their husbands, etc.) for a total of 150 people

Only two families getting educational support

Food items provided: wheat flour, rice, sugar, porridge, salt, tea, oil, etc.

Soft skills training: move them away from the mindset of violence, almost a personality/behavioral rehabilitation program


People being taken to jail for minor crimes, their families don’t know what to do, so they follow their family member to Tihar knowing there is a “pop up complex”


Funding Options:

  1. $10K

  2. $5K <- amount endorsed by project stewards

  3. $0


As of Jan 31 we had $24,800

In Feb report said we had $75?


Question: should we support only families linked to the jail? Or should we support all destitute families in the area? (chapter seems to agree we should broaden our support to all families that SF is supporting)




Bhaavya Sinha (porject coord)

Mihir Joshi (project steward)

Varsha Sundar (project steward)

Madhumita Krishnan (left early)



No one



Anvita Kulshresta



Kaavya Venkat

Aman Dosanjh

Puru Pahuja

Avinash Nandakumar

Maya Patel

Diya Chaudhuri

Meenu Pamula

Vedasri Ketha

Mounica Putrevu

Aastha Jha

Vidhi Patel

Sharina Sheth

Mansi Zalavadia

Sudeshna Barman

Aditya Mistry

Kamu Potharaju

Pooja Manyam

Navya Peddireddy

Amogh Pathi

Pooja Prazid

Tara Madhav

Bharathi Chinnakotla


All now or half and half?

All now: 14

Half now, half later:  9


Which families should we support?

Families linked to jail specifically: 0

All: 23

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