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  • Asha Atlanta General Meeting, 13th October 2015


Biomed 4th floor room



  1. WAH - what it is

  2. BAGA and Pujari - already contacted,

  3. BAGA - no volunteering,


  1. Collecting money: Cash can be collected, give to ASHA and they write a cheque. After they make it online Tapo will send a link.

  2. For Cheque: We have to buy envelopes, check needs to go in envelope. Checks are higher amount so people trust envelopes.

  3. For Pujari, we will get big donations. Already stall present there. That money will also go to Asha. Also, some people Tapo knows are bringing checks. All of this is covered by WAH.

  4. Why we going to Pujari?

  1. We are the marketing front of the bake sale. We know people are coming with checkbooks. So Pujari more important than BAGA.

     5. BAGA:

  1. Saturday, we are talking to BAGA youth committee.

  2. 12-2 talking with BYC. Then we stand at the table.

  3. Two time slots, 12-2 and 7-9.

  4. Flyers already printed will give out at Game Night.

  5. BAGA will charge for entry and food. Arka will fix that.


  1. Spice Rack NOT PROVIDING food.

  2. Talked to Anmol. He will talk to them. Worth it 2 samosas/dollar. Size : small.

  3. Onions - 10/12

  4. Mamra/Muri - 4lb packet.

  5. Nylon Sev - 2 packets(7$)

  6. red boondi - 2 packets

  7. Papdi - 4 packets

  8. Tomato - 10/12

  9. Chutney (Green): Coriander(10/12 bunches), Mint(6 bunches), Garlic(1 whole), Ginger(200 gm), Chili. (Bani will text Tapo)

  10. Chutney (Red): Ginger(100 gm) Garlic(0.75 whole), Jaggery, Tamarind.

  11. Envelopes, plates, spoons



  1. We need to have access to the room from 4:30 PM. Booked the room.

  2. Printout of flyer. Please share.

  3. Rule for games

    1. Mayank and Anshuman will make the rules for the tournament.



  1. 12/15 people coming every time. Every runner will easily raise 500$.

  2. Run targeted is Publix half marathon.

  3. Need volunteers in about 2-3 weeks, when serious running begins for water stops.

  4. Will need water stops once we start doing 4+ miles.

  5. Not very expensive to get Gatorade, Salt, etc.

  6. We may need to have rides for the longer runs.

  7. Good thing in Austin: Once the event is coming closer. Runners will invite potential donors for a potluck.



  1. One week after Durga Puja, we do a potluck, before exam time begins.

  2. Market it as “Indian Food Night.”.

  3. We’ll decide after the boardgame night.

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