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  • KWS Update - Part 2 

Discussion items

40 minKWS Update - Part 2Rangakrishnan Srinivasan


    1. Computer activity is not for every child, only for those children who can work on computers. That is why computer classes are scheduled after lunch and is not part of a regular time table.
    2. The equipments in the lab include:  BERA equipment (ABR, ASSR test), OAE test equipment, Tympanometer equipment for Impedance test, Audiometer equipment for PTA test and Otoscope equipment for Otoscopic test. This lab has been fully funded by Fidelity Financial Services and is used to identify whether children have any hearing difficulties. Some children have already been identified and have been recommended for use of hearing aid.
    3. The role of a Clinical Psychologist is to understand the difficulty of children and how parents should handle them to help them in their development and overcome their difficulties.
    4. No, only Audiologist and Speech Therapist are associated with Audiometry lab.
    5. Vibrogym is an equipment used for children with Cerebral Palsy which is expected to help in improvement of overall muscle strength. This equipment is mainly used for performing three exercises ( Stretching, Strengthening and relaxation). Each session comprises of 15 minutes and 3 days in a week.
    1. During the year 2017-18, 37 new children joined & 21 children left the centre. At the end of the year Khushboo had a total children of 114 (Regular- 105 & OPD- 9).
    2. Challenges faced in increasing the number of children are:
      1. Lack of awareness about Khushboo and its facilities.
      2. Parents prefer to send children to regular school because of social stigma.
      3. Commuting distance from home to the center.
    3. To increase the number of children we are trying to create more awareness and also tie-up with schools which do not have section for special children.
    4. The type of children who come to us their families are  very keen that they stay with them. In fact the parents of existing children are even not ready to increase the timings of the center because they would like children to be with them.
    5. The residential facility will be for new beneficiaries. Also alumni and the existing children who want to join, residential facility will be made available to them.
    1. The funds for the audiometry lab were available for specifically that purpose. That fund could not be used for any other purpose. Same is the case for Vibrogym equipment. The funds received in excess to the year’s running expenses have been received with the understanding that these would be specifically used for the residential project. Will we request discussion regarding point no 2 & 3 be held over phone on July 24th  at 2 PM India time. Kindly confirm.


    1. Ranga discussed Site visit report from Rajdeep


    1. Ranga presented Annual review slides - link
20 minSACRaju Patil
  • Raju presented SAC summary from Reshu's presentation - link?
    • Reshu's presentation - link
  • Opened the floor for discussion
    • We have a good donor list
    • We can send SAC as an update in next Newsletter. Ranga can coordinate the effort
    • Getting the website going is most critical. It involved login, databases, etc.
    • Creating publicity material - newsletters, email, etc. next.
    • Uma may be able to help with website.

Action items

  • Rangakrishnan Srinivasan
    • Discuss KWS WCR with Rakeshji
  • Raju Patil
    • Reach out to Reshu about Website
    • Play with website to understand work involved 
    • Create a Google sheet / Wiki notes page to track actions. 
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