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  • Redlands chapter meeting minutes (3/27/2016)


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  1. Asha redlands chapter (3/27/2016)


    • Decide on 2016 budget for Maovam and Laishoi school


    Maia, Simpy, Brijesh, Mamta, Ishaan, Saanya, Swarna


    Maovam and Laishoi school budget proposal for 2016

    • Budget for schools were discussed. They can be found at project website.
    • Everyone agreed to continue with the same level of funding as last year. Even though the budget amount has increased it probably will cost the same in dollars as dollar conversion rate has increased.
    • Votes:  Yes = 5     N0 = 0  Abstain = 2
    • Amount of Rs 3,55,150  was proposed for Laishoi and Rs 3,81,250 for Maovam school
    • Updated Budget proposal will be uploaded to project website by Project coordinator (mamta) soon.
    • Schools will be funded in two parts after progress reports has been submitted for 6 month period. First payment is expected to be in second quarter and second payment in last quarter
    • Need to find a site visit for the two schools